Day 22: Rainy Fridays

I woke up today by alarm clock. I prefer that here in madrid :p

Oh my goodness, more galletas today! Hahahaha! Literally more today

After eating Mama Eva seemed to insist that i leave the house because i am always. In the Philippines my mum would hate it if i went out much. Here, my Spanish mum hates it when i stay too much indoors. Hahahahaha! The world no?

Well i was expecting it to be a bit warm today so i wore shorts with my baggy tank top and a polo top just in case it got cold.

And it was a bit cold but the tolerable cold, because it rained last night and it seemed like it's going to rain again today.

It was the last day of classes for Papa Ingo, Michelle, Felipe, Chun Xiang, Isil and Igor. Well Igor was just going to transfer to Cadiz. So it was just me, robin, induja and eneas left for monday.

I was able to have my picture taken with Isabel too:

I will miss Papa Ingo the most because he is like a dad and a friend to us all:

After class i decided to call my family on facetime already so that after eating lunch i can leave for somewhere.

Oh but it's raining so i dont know if it would be nice to go out. It is a bit cold. But even if i am wearing shorts, the cold is still toleranle unlike last week.

I arrived home and i had omelette again and bread but i don't mind because it was really good :)

Mama Eva apparently is leaving me alone in the house tonight because she has some tourist guide meeting thing i don't really understand the point of the meeting. Irina will be out for 2 days with Nicolas her boyfriend and his family because they are going to the country side :)

Well, as usual, after lunch i fell asleep again since i have nothing much to do, and when i woke up i read my Enredados book and i am sorry to the book lovers but i wrote on my book. I had to :p it's easier for me to remember words if i write on my book.

After hours of scribbling, searching and reading, i decided to eat dinner at 21:00... As you can see it had been wrapped since earlier, ready to be placed in the microwave or what we call here the "micro-onda"

so that i can do more with my time. And yes i washed my clothes again... Well some of it :) and i took a bath, blah blah... Oh by the way i bought laundry pins so that the next time i hang my newly washed undergarments i can use 2 pins at a time and i am sure that it won't fall into "oblivion" ever again!!!

Then i watche tv. There was nothing interesting on tonight except for the "atrapa los milliones" or something like that... It means "catch the millions). It was a game show i cannot explain much because i did not really pay much attention :)

Then a show came up about prostitution in Spain... Supposedly it is legal in Spain but the pimps get punished for the human trafficking...

Then Mama Eva came home and i decided to retire for the night because i want to go around tomorrow. So...

~*~*~¡Buenas Noches Madrid!~*~*~

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