Day 11: Mimi the Explorer Goes To School

It is 16 May 2011 today. (sorry i'm posting this now, much later than the 16th). We woke up early because i had to be in school at around 08:30 to take a diagnostic test.

We had a great breakfast as usual care of Holiday Inn Madrid. But today is the start of a new tour for Trafalgar that is why there were so many people in the breakfast area.

As told by the receptionist at the hotel, we took the Metro at Nuevos Ministerios which apparently is near the hotel but in Filipino Standards, it was quite far. I learned that in Spain, 1.5-2km is near ;) Because this distance in the Philippines would have us hailing a jeepney or a tricycle... I guess weather is a factor and budget.

Well anyway, we found our way to the Metro and then changed lines(that metro line was bad ass deep). We got off at San Bernardo which is another "walking distance" to school.

A profesora interviewed me and then i took the exam. My parents were more excited than i was. They kept taking my picture while i was taking the exam. Hahaha! Kindergarten ya? ;)

After that we found out our level and which class we belonged to. I had a class composed of 4 Brasileños, 1 Francesa, 1 Chinese, 1 Aleman, 1 Swiss with Indian Heritage. We lack 1 classmate who is a Turk from London.

Per day i have 2 professors. 1 every 2 hours. For the first half the professor is Carolina. She's very kind and funny and she teaches well. I noticed that here, we really are compelled to speak in Spanish because we all have different nationalities and our only common language is Spanish.

My family was as usual waiting for me after my class but they did go iut for awhile and found themselves shopping again for clothes at The really big Zara. Which made them think that i need some coats so after class we dropped by H&M and bought some coats and other things.

We had another picnic at the hotel and my mum invited me to sleep over today. I declined for the following reasons:

1) in the hotel record, i am not counted anymore
2) my new home in madrid is closer to a metro which is Estrecho rather than the hotel to Nuevos Ministerios
3) my mum will cry
4) this is good practice for them to get used to me being away
5) their flight is tomorrow they should concentrate on that

So they brought me to the home of my foster mother and we said out goodbyes and that was it. Buenas Noches Madrid...

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