Day 6: Granada... We feel like exploding like one too

Hayayay... So tired...

We woke up this morning feeling like crap. We're so tired. But we have to get up anyway because we needed to prepare for our long drive to Granada. Well we slept most of the time. Unlike the Alpine countries we visited 3 yeara ago, the scemery was dry and was not picture worthy... Except for some parts :)

Ofcourse it was not all bus rides. We had stop
Overs as well or what i would call the "wee wee stops". When we arrived at Granada, my family and i were part of the optional excursion to the Cathedral with the remains of Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand... It was a beautiful cathedral and the best part about the place is that there is a mauseleum of Queen Isabel and her husband and her child and her husband and one more guy i forgot his name. But underneath that uou can view the cpffons of the 5 people i mentioned. It was magnificent. Pictures were not allowed to be taken but i just couldn't help being the little pparazzi i can be at times and i snapped a few. I will post them
Next time. The whole place hd a feeling of being in the middle east because of the moslem influences.

After the cathedral, we went for a long walk o a place where we could have a great view of the Alhambra or the palace of a moslem
King long ago. It was called Alhambra which means "red" in Arabic. Or at least a word derived from the Arabic term for red. It was wonderful.

We went back to the hotel to check in and to leave our stuff but a few minutes after we left to go on a tour of the inside of the Alhambra. It was a very very very long and tiring walk. But the inside was beautiful. I cannot describe but i will post pictures soon. I cannot right now because i am writing using my iphone.

When we arrived back at the hotel we had a buffet dinner. I was so hungry i could not hide my appetite. Haha! But after dinner, we had to fix our stuff again to get ready for our trip to Valencia the next day. But but but i felt the ground shake!!! There was an earthquake but thank God it was only a tremor. A slight one. When i switched the channel the newscaster mentioned about an earthquake in nearby city of Lorca. Anyway, we had to rest early so Good night Granada!!

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