Day 3: Tour of Madrid and Kick-Ass Toledo!!

I could still feel my head floating. It felt like I am still inside an airplane. But no time should be wasted, we all got up early for this day for the morning trip around Madrid, and after that, our tour director took us to Toledo, about 1 1/2 hours away from Madrid. It was a beautiful place indeed. It was a place conquered by the muslims and where the Jews resided and then the Christians took the place back but instead of kicking the Muslims away, they all lived happily ever after altogether....peaceful coexistence :)

All the houses and establishments had the same facade and the area was owned by UNESCO to be preserved. We also checked out a painting of El Greco, the greek painter who lived in Toledo. We were all told to look out for pick pockets and there was already one guy who hovered around us discreetly. But e noticed that we noticed what he was upto so he pretended to join the other tour group even if we know that he was not part of it. We visited one of the two sinagogas of the jews. We were told that there were many synagogues before but only 2 were left behind because when the Christian fanatics took over Toledo, these were the synagogues that were left behind because the jews allowed the synagogue to be used as a Catholic church.

We all went back to Madrid and we were given only an hour to eat lunch. We just ate pizza at the nearest pizza place to our hotel. This was by the way, the best pizza i've ever tasted. Even better than the authentic pizza we ate in Rome before. After lunch, we were brought around Madrid again.

Dad's knee started to hurt because of exhaustion so as soon as we got back to the hotel, we just ate noodles for dinner and then packed our stuff because tomorrow will be our loooooong trip to Sevilla. Good night Madrid, hasta manana Sevilla! :)

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