Day 25: Lost and Found... Myself in Cafe&Té

¡Madre Mia hoy es lunes! I dislike mondays. First it cuts the momentum of your weekend, secondly, a lot o establishments in spain are closed. But anyway, i love my school so nevermind :)

I set my alarm at 06:45 and yes my sister called me through facetime at 06:30 wow... Haha! No problem. She was in the office and she wanted to show everyone in the office. I was not even able to comb my hair.

I stayed in bed until around 07:15 before i stood up, then i fixed my bed, and went straight to the bathroom to reach for my washed clothes outside the window before it rains unexpectedly once again.
Let me take you on a brief tour of my adventures in laundry land... This is the bathroom i always talk about. As you can see there is a shower and there is a window.

This is a closer view of the window...

¡Ay soccorro! Here is the laundry line i was talking about where i hang my clothes and where my laundry fell from...

We are on the 2nd floor or what we call the "segunda piso". The piso here is not our Philippine peso but rather, which floor of the apartment building.

I ate breakfast.... Guess what i ate :)..... No..... Haha! Yeah Galletas and the buttercake thing

It's quite chilly today so instead of wearing some sleeveless thing i decided to wear a sleeveless thing under and an overshirt but i wore a skirt and a pair of peach socks with my sandals.

I was quite reluctant to go to school today because i know we will be having different classmates today. Because out of our class last week it was Eneas, Robin, Induja and myself.

Today we have a new professor, her name is Marisa and we merged with her class. Now we have new classmates, Amy from the US, Anna and Caroline from Brazil, Maria from Russia and Emmanuel from France.

I was quite relieved that Esteban was still our afternoon professor.

At least it's not an abrupt change of environment. This is the sad part about studying here in Enforex, you can have different teachera and classmates every week but that's also good because you meet people from everywhere. It's just sad when you've become close to your classmates and suddenly you find out that it's their last week in Enforex.

Anyway, after class, i went straight home and i ate lunch. It was a smaller portion of last night's dinner :)

After lunch i looked at the directory. I really wanted to try eating or drinking coffee or tea at a bar. But most of the restaurants/bars i was eyeing were closed on mondays. I just decided to go out and walk through Calle Bravo Murillo.... Or was it an Avenida? Hmmm i forgot... Oh well... :)

I bought Quitaesmalte (nail polish remover) and cortauñas (nail clipper) :) and then i found out that there was a nearby supermarket that i can go too so that i don't have to go to nuevos ministerios to go to El Corte Ingles. It's very tiring to go there.

I looked at every bar/resto i passe to see if there's anything i can eat that will not ruin my appetite for dinner. I decided to stay at Cafe & Té. It's cheaper to sit at the bar than to take a table. But i would rather sit at the bar because i can talk to the camareras (waitresses). There were 2 of them, Margarita and Gilda :) they were very nice to me and we talked a lot. I was able to practice my spanish with other people other than my foster family. I am quite used to the voice and accent of my Mama Eva so i needed to hear and talk to someone else. I found out that 1 filipina worked there too but for the morning shift. Her name was Cynthia. I ate a Raviolis Florentina. It was very good :) and i also ordered 1 Té blend de Casa :)

Perdon for my hair, it is very windy today :)

After our short talk, and after i finished my food, i left and i was really happy about that experience. I walked home and normally i would feel very tired walking back but this time, i even felt that the walk home was short to think that i went really far.

I arrived home and read more of the directory and marked places i will be visiting soon.

Mama Eva arrived from her dance class and prepared pasta for us all. Since there are 5 of us now, we had to eat at the "salon" which is by the way the "sala" of the house and not a beauty parlor. A beauty parlor here is called "peluquería" :)

We talked over dinner. We talked about a lot of things and it was really nice that we get to talk over dinner. I've been learning a lot of things as time goes by. I love it.

After dinner, did my evening ritual, homework, etc and it's time to hit the sack.

~*~*~¡Buenas Noches Madrid!~*~*~

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