Day 5: Sevilla Tour

Everyone was given the chance to wake up later than usual. Instead of the usual 0600 (to bathe, fix,eat,etc.) so that we can depart at 0745, we were told that today, we were going to leave for the tour of Sevilla at 0930. We have experienced the heat of Sevilla yesterday so I wore a summer dress today to keep me cool (thank God! It was scorching hot today).

The breakfast here at Ayre Hotel Sevilla was not as good as the breakfast buffet in Holiday Inn Madrid. But nevermind that. Internet is free anyway. After breakfast, we waited for our bus to arrive (it was a different bus today because our driver Julio is on his official day off).

We visited this old place town in Sevilla where once again the melting pot of Jewish, Christian and Islamic influence was very evident. It was so hot, I am red right now. By the way, the heat over here in Spain is quite different from the heat back home in Manila. Here, the heat is dry and if you stay under the shade, it is quite cool unlike in the Philippines, even if you stay under the shade, it is still hot and very humid and the hear is heavy.
After this morning's tour, we did not join the optional excursion to the palace thingy. We hopped back on the tour bus for us to be brought back to the hotel for SIESTA TIME!!!! :) It was a good rest indeed.

After our short Siesta, we ate at the nearest fast food which was just across our hotel. Burger King :) I am quite glad I took Spanish lessons. It's enough for me to survive I think. I was able to use it plenty of times to look for the nearest supermarket, for the chambermaids to clean the room after breakfast, and to order at burger king. I ate a whopper.....on my own. A whopper here is not as big as the whoppers back in Manila. THEY ARE HUMONGOUS! haha!

After lunch we waited for the bus to take us back to the same place we went to earlier so that we can visit the Cathedral where Christopher Colombus (or at  least his lower half) is buried. Yes, his lower half. His other parts are in different places like Cuba, etc.

Were back in the hotel right now resting instead of joining the others on the optional excursion tonight. We would rather rest because we will be leaving early for Granada tomorrow. I hope there's free wifi again. I really need it to update my school. Ok I'm blabbering already. I love Spain! Good night Sevilla, see you tomorrow Granada! :)

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  1. •YUME• says:
    May 11, 2011 at 12:07 AM

    Good night, ate mimi! I enjoyed reading your journey for today! :)

  2. mintmochaformimi says:
    May 15, 2011 at 12:07 AM

    Thank you shobe for taking the time to read :)

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