Day 55: I'm a Dork :) First Time At A Discoteca

My eyebags are so bad now. Haha! I could not sleep right away last night probably because i had a long siesta yeaterday afternoon. But oh well, i am excited for tonight because we were invited to a discoteca. Our professor does guest lists :) hahaha! How cool is he?

I know i am a dork, it's my first time to enter a discoteca in my 23 years of existence in this beautiful place we call Earth. I don't go out much at night back home in the Philippines and they would not believe that I am of legal age anyway. haha! Well, I went to a discoteca here because It is part and parcel of the culture of Madrid. The people are so alive at night. Very nocturnal people indeed. It's amazing! haha! So I guess I just have to be proud to say that my first "club" experience was in Spain :)

After class i decided to take a left instead of a right (right is to go to the San Bernardo station to go home). Left is toward El Corte Ingles. To those of you who have forgotten what El Corte Ingles is, it's a department store chain sort of like ShoeMart or SM in the Philippines mixed with Rustan's. Why do i say so? In terms of the number of stores all over Spain and the diversity of stuf you can buy, it's so SM. Rustan's for the quality and feel of the place. On the way there i saw this ad. They're looking for this man who has Alzheimer's disease who got lost. I hope they find him...

Well, i went to El Corte Ingles to do an errand for my mum but when i got out, i saw the biggest Zara i have ever seen so far. It's a 4 storey Zara! And why do i want to post this? Because i have friends who love Zara :p hahahaha. Me? No i don't normally buy from Zara because they don't usually have my size.

Well, after checking out the place i went to the Argüelles station to go home and this is how it looks like. Why does line 1 seem to be the most "antigüo" of all lines? This line by the way is line 4 and it looks great

I saw this driving school car on my way home. Haha!

At home i had smoked salmon with pesto and fresh mozzarella cheese, pita bread and tuna. Madre Mia! buenisimo! Oh and tomato soup :)

I studied and took a nap and then i prepared. This is the place we went to:

I met up with Bianca and Rosie and we went around Chueca and Malasaña area. We tried the mojito of this mexican bar:

And then we went to a small cozy shop and i drank tea, but the girls took another round of mojito. I enjoyed talking with Bianca and Rosie and you should have seen them bitching at the 2 horrible guys on the street. Epic moment! Hahaha!

Well, after a while we went already to the ya'sta and yes i brought my driver's license :p
 And here's Secci's Schweppe's Tonic drink under black light
I took a picture of the people dancing under black light

We saw Secci :) and he introduced us to his best friend Maria whonis also from the same place he vame from, Almería. Rosie and Bianca left and i stayed with Maria and she helped me practice my Spanish. I just observed and danced a little ofcourse but it was more of chit chat night with Maria and i absolutely love her! :) she's very nice and she helped me a lot with my grammar.

With Maria and Professor Secci :)

And here's my very very first stamp :)

I also befriended the 2 bouncers :) hahahahahaha!

It's a good thing Maria lived near My place so we went home together. And then that's it for me.

Buenas Madrugada (it's already after midnight :p) Madrid! (if ever that expression does exist).

Day 54: Churros and Patatas Bravas

Today i woke up a little later than usual since Alana did not have to go to school so early.

Now i have someone to share the galletas with :) Alana loved them too!!!

When we arrived in school, Bianca and Beatriz were in the classroom already and then all of a sudden, Yusuke came in (he's not my classmate but he's a friend :)) to ask me i i know a swimmin pool near by :) i told him about the pool we went to :)

I was surprised because 4 Brazilian boys came in our classroom and so now i know tht they were our missing classmates :) i took horroble paparazzi shots of them

This guy i think is Lincoln, and beside him is Beatriz, from Brazil too

And we have 2 more, William and... Lo siento (i'm sorry) i forfot his name). We hardly had time for introductions

Lastly, my partner for today.... I forgot his name too:

Marisa made them guess where Bianca and I were from. They said China, Japan or Korea.... Hahahahaha! It's really funny :)

In Secci's class, he mentioned about gueatlists in a discoteca (club) in Madrid and i realized, i'm such a dork. I've never been to a discoteca EVER!! hahahahaha! I have to experience it someday.

Well, when i arrived home o had tomato soup again and a bocadillo with tuna and mayo :)

I had to rest a bit because it was really really hot this afternoon. But it's good that Mama Eva finally placed "ventiladores" in every room. To my filipino friends you know what i'm talking about. It's the same word :) Yes! electric Fan!

I love it!

By the way, i am starting to dream in Spanish. Weeeeee!!!!
Me alegre!!

Then in the afternoon, i went to Atocha to check out that bar i always pass that has Churros, and i finally tried it and some Patatas Bravas.

Tastes great! Buenissimo!

I ha a difficult time biting and chewing on the churros though because they were really tough.... Apparently churros is a breakfast thing. I came to this restaurant at 20:45 in the evening and it's self explanatory :) but the chocolate was amazing!!!

I want to show you an example of how people here sit anywhere in the metro when there are no seats available :) this girl was beside me but she was on the floor. I love it! it's interesting :)

And when i arrived home, more food!! Haha! We had Squid with Garbanzos but i don't know wht the dish is called.

And the best part, ice cream!! It's Turrón flavor. No it's not the turron with the flour wrapper and banana in syrup, it's turrón, Nougat in english :)

Oh by the way, i am so happy and surprised as well, my blog reached 3,000 readers. I really never expected this. It's amazing! Thank you to the people who alot time to read my blog. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!!

Well, i'm stuffed i can hardly breathe, i have to fix my stuff for tomorrow so,

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

Day 53: I'm A Big Girl Now

Today is Alana's firstday of school. Yes, it's Alana :) not Lana...

I had to wake up at 7 because we have to leave at 8. Her exam was at 08:30 :) so i prepared stuff including breakfast for me :)

What a day for the metro of Cuatro Caminos to arrive later than usual :p

But it's funny because Alana is learning Spanish therefore there are things she does not know yet but we speak in Spanish even if we both speak in english. When she does not understand, i just translate it to english for her.

I brought her to the classroom where she was supposed to take her exam and boy was i early for mine... I was alone.... It was so quiet...
Here's Alana taking her exam:

And here's me killing time:

Suuuuuper early...

Finally Bianca arrived followed by David and Caroline... And then some one else came late. Apparently there are supposed to be more of us. 11 i think because a class will be mixed with ours... But it's minus 4... Make that 5 because Chao Liu is missing again..

During Fransisco's class we had a new student aboard, her name was Beatriz and she is from Brazil. She became my partner earlier because she did not have a book and she was right beside me but i don't mind.

After class, i looked for Alana because i have to teach her how to go home but apparently she has culture class and so i wet home ahead because TENGO MUCHO HAMBREEEEEE!!! (I'M HUNGRYYYYY!!!) oh i saw the lady with the "cruella de vil hair" for the nth time this week

When i arrived home there was salad and a sandwhich with tuna but i was really really hungry so i brought out my skyflakes, the remaining tuna spread, and cup noodles from my "boodle bag" :)

¡Madre Mia! ¿Donde esta la comidaaa?? (where's the food??) hahahaha! Wipe out :)

I was so full :) i went to my room to wait for my folks' call and then mi amorcito called me thru skype as well :) estoy contenta (i am very happy)

I rested a bit and decided to go out to check out places since i have only a few weeks left here.

I went to Chueca :) Chueca (or so i heard) is like the Gay Capital of Spain. And every year people come to celebrate the "Dia del Orgullo Gay" ( Proud Gay Day) and it will be this saturday. I came now to see what Chueca is like and there might be a nar or restaurant open that i can try out. But unfortunately everything was still closed... Yeah why wouldn't it be? It was 18:00 and it's too early to open a bar :) it's too hot still.

They're preparing for this saturday's Día/Fiesta Del Orgulloso Gay (Day/Celebration of the Proud Gay)
...which explains the rainbow flag behind me. That is the symbol of the gay community.

I walked too much i did not realize i am already in Quevedo which is a little far but who cares :) i just walked back to Granvía to check out shops. I was able to buy 2 DVDs, "El Aviador" (The Aviator - with Leo Di Caprio) and "La Milla Verde" (The Green Mile - with Tom Hanks) and ofciuese they are in Spanish. And i jist had to get ice cream. It's really too hot here.

I've always been curious as to how Limon taste like. So i ordered Limon (lemon) and Arroz con Leche (Rice with Milk) flavor... Lemon was ok... It's like frozen lemonade. The rice with milk is a little like "Champorado" but not chocolate but it was good. It had a few grains of rice in it.

After that i decided to go home...

In the metro on the way home there were these Filipino girls younger than me who were making so much noise i wanted to kick them but it was great tjat my stop was next.

And in the station i found this add of Lebara Movil and they exchanged the flags i the Philippines with Bolivia's :)

I arrived home Mama Eva was already preparing dinner.

We ate dinner at the salon :) we had the best burger patty in the world, salad, chips, etc

And por fin! I have a random shot with Irina :)

Well i am really sleepy now and i have classes tomorrow so

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!


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