Day 43: Dehesa De La Villa

Today was a bit lonely for me because one of my first classmates Robin is going back to Germany tomorrow because it is his last day today. "Hombre" is the last of my first friends here in Spain.

I woke up late because i slept sooooo late as well. I slept at around 02:00 because someone was being insensitive :p

I ate the new galletas this morning but i still really prefer the old one. I ha to eat breakfasy carefuly and silently because Colleen was studying :)

I arrived at school and wow nobody was there except Marisa and Amy... Looks like it's not jist Robin who has problems with this class ;) Chao has not yet showed herself after monday...

It was another boooooooring morning, and ofcourse Robin and Maria were not there to sympathize with me :p haha!

But after the break, they arrived! ¡Hombre! ¿Qué Hay? (Dude what's up?) hahahaha! And i asked Robin why he was late and he just looked at me. I answered my own question "¡Que Pregunta!" (what a question!) because the answer was so obvious it will bite me like a snake already.

We had a really fun last portion of class today. We had a running joke among us (Robin, Maria and I) about Russians knowing German because of watching German pornography and Robin answered back yesterday by saying that Germans know Russian because of Russian porn :) ok it might not sound funny right niw but if you saw Robin and Maria yesterday going on about this, you'd have the laugh of your life!
After class ofcourse i took pictures!
Hast luego to Eneas :)

Hasta luego to Amy (with funny funny Secci behind)

And ofcourse hasta luego to Robin! Hombre!

The certificates:

I have a picture of Secci with maria too:

...and with Robin

And now a little group pic:

After class i rushed home to eat. I was really very hungry. And i loved lunch today. It was perfect for summer. Madrileñans love cold food during the summer. These are cold ensalada de "Lentejas".

Then when i told Mama Eva that i felt like walking around after my parents call, she suggested a place where i can walk and relax. She gave me the directions to the "Dehesa De La Villa".

When i arrived at the station, i could not read a part of the direction she wrote down so i had to ask the security in the station and he was kind enough to ask the "taquilla" or ticket booth for me and then he accompanied me to the exit and pointed out the direction for me as we surfaced from metro. He was very kind and we talked a bit which was good because i needed to practice.

I walked to the place and when i arrived there, i wanted to scream of joy. It was amazing!! Perfectissimo!

You can just si anywhere, under a tree or under the sun, like this guy:

some were playing futbol,

some just laid there to bathe in the sun, others read (like me). It was windy so sorry for the hair :)

I went o a nearby bar/terraza and i ordered 1 glass of tinto de verano (this time, it had a stronger taste so i prefered yesterday's)

But it was the Gazpacho that was the "sopa de las sopas" (soup of the soups)

Yummyyyyyy! Delicioso! Sabrosíssimo!

Anyway, i was able to talk to the camareros in this bar and introuced me to the Filipinos who worked there and apparently they taught their Spanish colleagues to say "bakla" (gay) :)
They were really nice and all of them were funny and approachable.

I took the metro home and i think Line 7 is now my favorite line. I love the train. It's so modern and spaceous

I arrived home and i rested a bit and then i ate dinner. It was the same as this afternoon except that there was pita bread this time and hard boiled egg :)

Well that's about it for today, It's time to sleep now :)

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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