Day 51: Waiting In Vain

Well, if you'll notice, after big activities for me, the next day is usually boring. hahaha! I woke up today and saw "llamadas perdidas" (missed calls) from mi amorcito...que pena (what a shame) I was not able to answer the calls because I was sound asleep until 08:00. I slept late again last night. I have no idea why ever since summer started I had been having a hard time sleeping at night.

This morning we waited for the new girl to arrive. She's from the US and she was supposed to arrive at around 09:30 but we waited and waited and waited until Mama Eva needed to go out to buy something but somebody had to stay behind to wait for the girl because it would be weird if she arrived and nobody was home.

I volunteered to stay home because I don't really have any plans today. I was just supposed to go to Blanco today to exchange an item. But that can wait.

It was already almost 14:00 and the girl has not arrived. Mama Eva returned and she's still amaze why the girl has not yet arrived...Then she realized that maybe she read the email wrong because normally kids from ENFOREX do not arrive on saturdays. normally they arrive on mondays.

After our lunch, lunch today was salad again with the Italian spices. I do not mind at all because they were very very very good! She checked her email once more to see if she read the email wrong, and YES! She was mistaken :) The girl will arrive tomorrow :)

After a short while, I decided to rest a bit, make some phone calls, post on facebook, but i spent most of my time changing the layout of both my tumblr and my blog which explains why my blog looks different now :) haha!

I also realized that people actually read my blog! I saw in the stats that more than 2000 people have visited my blog from different countries. I felt very happy and honored :)

Oh I was not able to put in yesterday's entry that I bought sunblock yesterday. The sun had been so strong here recently that to buy an SPF50+ sunblock is in order. It's not just in order. It's COMPULSORY!! The sun here is very strong, and the climate is dry and so you can feel the sun so bad. Look at the temperature:
It's 37ºC this afternoon at 17:00 :p

I went out to exchange an item in Blanco and then I walked around a bit. My day here in Madrid is never complete without walking outside even for just a few minutes. But today I walked a long way, upto the Holiday Inn Madrid which we stayed in when my family was still with me. Then I went back home.

As I arrived back home, Mama Eva was not here because she watched a movie with her friends but I waited for her anyway just in case she has not taken anything for dinner. We ate dinner and she gave me half a glass of beer again (maybe because she thinks I think better with a little Alcohol in my system) hahahaha!

Anyway, I will try to sleep early today so that I can welcome the new girl tomorrow morning. Sorry not much pictures today because as I have said, it's a boring day and not much things to take pictures of...oh i have 2 nore to add. One is of group of people who sat on the platform of the metro to drink...alcoholic beverages :p haha!

An lastly, of my oatmeal mask :) my friend told me it helps keep your skin hydrated. Because here in Madrid, it's so dry, even with this heat, your skin can dry up and so, here's my oatmeal face, somethingnfor laughs this evening :)

Buenas Noches Madrid! :)

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