Day 49: Boring Holiday

I woke up at 09:30 today becausr there were no classes. It apparently is the Fiesta del Corpus Christi.

Well, i was alone almost the whole day, it was crazy!

I studied some more lessons and i am still contemplating on whether i should transfer classes next week or when i reach a lesson higher than 8 because most of the lessons above 8 are revisions...

Oh well. Anyway, i made all my meals today and during lunch, i ate what's left of the pasta in the "nievera" or fridge, and while i was talking to Reine on facetime, Irina and Nicolas came to take some stuff and i felt guilty that i ate all of the pasta because she might want some, until she told me that she's not eating lunch here because they have to leave soon. They're going to the beach :) que suerte!

I fell asleep in the afternoon as usual and as soon as i woke up i decided to walk a little to stretch my legs. I was surprised to see that almost all shops were closed. Well except for some very few shops like the chinese clothing stores, and the ice cream shops and a few restaurants woth terrazas.

I went home because there's really nothibg much to do anymore and then i watched tv...

I watched an Argentine series in Disney Channel and i was able to compare the way they speak and the way Argentines speak, it's really more difficult to understand the latter because of the way they eat their words as they speak. I even think this is one of the shows with the clearsest dialogues because ofcorse they have to make sure all their lines are understood.

After tv, i prepared dinner so i can sleep asap.

When i did try to sleep at 12:30, i did... Until someone called my name from the window and realized IT WAS MAMA EVA BACK FROM ROME!!! yipeeee!! Well apparently i bolted the door and could not get in. She teied calling my cellphone but she called the number i do not use anymore. It's a good thing my window was slightly open.

I could not get back to sleep unil 03:30 >_< well, even if it's not a good night, i would still say

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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