Day 38: Day of Rest, Laundry and Cooking :)

I was so tired this morning and so i decided to dedicate this day for rest and chores.

I slept from 08:00 -13:00. Just enough to recuperate. Yesterday was reeeeeally tiring but i enjoyed it so much i do not mind at all. Mama Eva left today to visit her millionaire friend with a mansion :) but she left somethin for me to eat which i love. Tuna sandwhich :)

Remember i bought books at a closing sale? Well here they are:

Check out the stuff Rogan gave me yesterday as remembrance

And the uniform of the engineers in his ship :)

I did my laundry today because i am running out of clean clothes to wear and yes i separate the whites from the colored and i remember to bleach them once in a while and ofcourse to put fabric softener :)

And the 2 lines on the right contain my clothes :)

Mama Eva arrived and later she taught me how to make her morrocan chicken which i loooooove to eat...(i love everything she cooks!!)
She prepared chicken, a large bulb of onion, salt,this morrocan spice very close to curry, and black pepper... That's all we needed... Oh and olive oil ;)

And no we did not eat that today :) we will be eating it for dinner tomorrow. Why cook now? Because Mama Eva is leaving tomorrow very early for Jaen, Spain. It's her hometown :)
But we had tortilla de patatas which her mom made and it was also very very delicious! :) and the chili sauce which i imagined would be so delicious as spaghetti sauce too.

Basically this became a very productive day despite me sleeping off most of the morning.
So i'll cut this short today since i'll be sleeping early.

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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