Day 42: Mediodía With My Friends

Today's entry will be dedicated to my lunch out with my classmates Ana, Caroline, Maria and our only "hombre", Robin :)

But let me start of with, as usual, what i ate this morning. It was a different kind of galletas, i miss the old one though.

i was able to leave the house early because i had my clothes planned out last night. Because i like Marta (our substitute teacher) a lot, i wore yellow today, shirt and shoes ONLY. Not everything :p

After class, Ana, Caroline, Maria, Robin and I rushed to the plaza with Maria as our guide because apparenty she lives very near and knows the place like the bak of her hand.
We found a little Bar with a terraza that offered an appetizer, pizza and a drink for 8€ only. Normally if it was not promo time, it would cost you twice :p
I ordered ensalada for my appetizer. It was so delicious!!
It was tomatoes with pesto sauce and cheese

Tinto de Verano

I was with 3 very charming girls

... And an hombre (man) :)

Maria enjoying her refreshing drink

And pizza

And then the surprising part, after eating, the "cocinero" or chef was filipino and asked for my number... "soy el cocinero. Me gustaria conoceste. Puedes dejarme tu telefono movil?" (i am the chef. I want to meet you. ay you please give me your number?"

And here's our group pic in front of the cafe

And then we looked for an "heladería" or ice cream shop because it was beginning o get toasty here

After ice cream we went to the bar which Almodovar often went to. He was an actor i think who was pretty close to Antonio Banderas.

When it was time to part ways, Maria and Ana told us which lines to take to go home

And then here comes the 2 russians:

And now 2 filipinos:

And finally we said our goodbyes because Ana and Caroline need rest because they're going to Paris today. One more group pic please!

I really had fun today exchamging stories and jokes. This group was really fun to be with. Too bad Eneas was not able to come... Well it's good for Robin :) he became the male equivalent of a "muse". He was "The Man!" or in this case, "HOMBRE!" (note: include the derp voice when you say Hombre with emphasis in the 1st syllamble and silent H) haha!! And the cafe and heladería that Maria suggested was amazing!

When i arrived home i read and slept a little until dinner and then after dinner Jamie showed us her piano skills and gave a little song number while playing the piano :)

Then we went to our respective rooms and called it a day. So...

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