Day 44: El Día E

This morning, we had to say "adios" to Colleen because today was her flight back to the US :c And then Jamie will be leaving tomorrow too. I'll be alone for a week until another American girl comes to stay for awhile.

Galletas for breakfast!! Haha!

Today Mama Eva told me about a celebration of El Día de Español or Spanish Language day (i think that's how it's translated). I remember we i received an email from Instituto Cervantes Manila about a celebration of the Spanish Language... I thought it was a local thing and i really wanted to attend. It's a good thing Mama Eva told me it was a world wide thing :) so i looked for the address and i found out it was going to be held in Calle Alcalá. I saw in the map that the nearest metro station was either Sol or Sevilla.... But when i arrived there i had to walk a little only to find out that the Banco de España station was right next to the Instituto Cervantes Edificio (building) :p haha but oh well, it's nice to walk around Madrid even when the sun is high up because it's not humid here.
Here's a building on my way to the event. Madrid ia really something:

When i arrived there, the band Chocolatinos were alreafy playing and people of all ages, gender, color, race, were dancing to the music :) it was overwhelming to see how much Madrileños love to dance. Let's look at it this way... There are so much videoke bars in the Philippines because Filipinos looooove to sing... We would kill to get our hands on the microphone (especially among friends in videoke bars :p)

But here in Madrid, they would KILL TO DANCE! :)

There were games too for the kids and face painting as well:

Forgive the vanity. Who would not want to be in the picture at an event like this?? It's not easy to take pictures of myself in front of a crowd who is not used to the Asian addiction to taking photos

They gave balloons too with Spanish words. I got "magia" (magic) and "tiquismiquis" (quarrel/brawl)

But i had to give my balloons to a kid because he accidentally let go of his and so i gave him mine. It would be a hastle to bring it in the metro anyway :)

I took a picture of the band and i was surprised to see a super hardworking streetsweeper. He was so hardworking that he just had to sweep while the band was still performing :)

I actually have a picture of myself with the singer but it's still in my other camera.

Here's a cute one. See the guy in rollerblades? Well, he did not give a rat's bottom and danced in his skates :)

And because he seemed to really want to dance, he removed his skates and danced in his socks :) he danced like there was no tomorrow. It was an amazing scene for me :)

Socks :)

After the chocolatinos, that girl in white together with the other professional dancers there performed

Aside from the party outside, part of the Photo España exhibition was inside the Instituto Cervantes Edificio. This is one o the best photo exhibits i have ever seen. The photos were amazing!

Here are my 3 favorites:

When i arrived home, i ate the left over lentejas salad from last night and then i read a little, fell asleep and when i woke up, i had to go out to buy toiletries but it was so hot, i could not help but pass by an heladería to buy ice cream :) i ordered platano (banana) and dulce de leche... This is the 2nd best ice cream i've ever eaten! The best would e the chocolate ice cream Rogan and I ate in Huelva :)

I returned home and Mama Eva prepared dinner. I had quiche for this evening and it was muuuuy delicioso!

After that, Mama Eva left to wath a mocie with her friends. And as for me, after my evening ritual, it's time for me to retire for the night :)

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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