Day 33: Piratas del Carribe (Pirates of the Carribean)

Today started out well despite the rain. It had been raining since yesterday. But Induja and i decided to watch a movie this evening. We're watching pirates of the carribean in Spanish in the cinema near our school.

I had galletas which was a good sign :) i don't know why but galletas is now officially my "siento bien" (i feel good) food.

It's still quite cold today so my scarf and cardi is in place today and my trusty blue green "paragua" (umbrella)

I had a little fun with my camera today in class because it's the last week for Emmanuel and Induja :)

Here's Marisa our morning professor:

Activity time... And only Induja has an idea that i had been takin paparazzi shots of my classmates :)

After the break i think i mixed my tea a liiiiiitle too much:

Here's Esteban a.k.a "Stivy", our afternoon professor whobis shy asbof this moment (not!) :

Here's my buddy Induja. I am closest to her in class because she was the first person who actually talked to me and we're normally seatmates:

Here's Maria, my partner for today. She is from Moscow, Russia:

When i left school it was still raining and it became colder

I arrived home and i had a sandwhich ready for me. I spent my afternoon reading and i also had the chance to chat with my Colombian friend Sandra :) she is very nice an ahe helps me a lot in practicing my Spanish just like how her relative, Andres. I met Andres when the Naval Training Ship of Colombia, ARC GLORIA came to the Philippines. And now we still maintin our friendship and Sandra became my friend too and now both of them are helping me :)

Induja and i decided to wath at the Cinema Conde Duque in Alberto Aguilera. It's just walking distance from the San Bernardo station, the station where i always get off at when i go to school. The movie is at 20:00 so we planned to meet at 07:45.

It was cold once again. But i had my cardi and scarf so i am ok :)

The ticket cost 7.50€ :) i was expecting it to be more than that so i am quite happy with the price. The cinema is small unlike the once we have in the Philippines:

And induja knows i love photos so she took one of me:

I loved the movie! Ofcourse there were some words i did not understand but more or less it was another learning tool for me and Induja. I love the parts with the guy and the mermaid!! I forgot his name :) but i loved it! It's kind of a shame that they had very limited exposure in the movie. I don't want to wrote anything else about the movie because i might spoil it. It was an experience watchin the film in Spanish without subtitles. I really had to rely on my ears but more or less i understood the movie and i am happy because that means i have really improved :)

I enjoyed the movie and i am glad i got to watch it with induja. It's nice to have someone with you when you go out. I had been going out on my own for quite a while, it was getting lonely.

It was also my first time to be out of the house later than 21:00. Normally i go home with the sun still up in the sky. Our community is actually pretty at night. The streets are very much lit.

It's like the first time i arrived here in the house, the ceiling lights were on but after that i only switch on the light to conserve energy because electricity can be expensive here in Madrid.

So, did my homework, read a little, studied a little more, and *poof*... It's time for bed.

Buenas Noches Madrid!

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