Day 41: Plaza del Torros y Caixa Forum

I woke up really late today. 08:30... Normally at 08:30 i am up and about, finished with breakfast and ready to go to school. But i guess i exhausted myself too much and slept late so i woke up late too.

I went to school and hey! Marisa was not in school! But one of my favorote teachers of ENFOREX, the loveable Marta was there to take over as usual in her yellow self... Literally yellow :)

Apparently, in her 10 years of teaching, i am her first Filipina student ever.

Anyway, i really like my school and my classmates and my former classmates and everybody. Our school is a melting pot of different nationalities :)

I came home and lunch was ready, it was something very very Spanish according to Mama Eva. And i had some sausage from last night too :)

Oh by the way, it's starting to become really hot here in Madrid now, and it is so comfy to wear summer dresses already

This is morning temperature. 34 is the average afternoon temperature. The difference between the heat here in Madrid is that it is very dry heat unlike in Manila wherr it's humid.

... And after talking to my family over facetime, i went to Las Ventas again but this time i took the train :p my legs are too tired to walk another 5km. I finally got my ticket for the corrida this sunday!!! Woohoo! Fila 1 :) it's not exactly VIP seats. That's a bit too much for me but it's near enough for my camera to take good shots... How did i know? For some weird reason, the gentleman in the ticket office became my friend. He remembered me from yesterday because of our small talk. I told him i speak Spanish but only survival spanish. He told me that he chose a good spot for me :)

I am sorry i look like an alien in this shot. I just woke up in this pic. Took this when i arrived home.

But after the Plaza del Toros i did not o straight home. I went to the Caixa Forum where there is an exhibition on photography. It was amazing!!

It was an exhibition of a French Photographer, Jacques Henri Lartigue and the exhibit was entitled "Un Mundo Flotante (a floating world) and it was all about how he wanted to preserve happiness and youth and other moments that disappear with with time

These are my 2 favorites:

I loved this expo... And it was free! :)

I decided to go home and rest and do my homework, then i ate dinner which was the morrocan chicken again but it tasted better :)

So now i have to sleep

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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