Day 39: Mimidora - Next Level

Today i had to wake up early to prepare the breakfast of my American foster sisters because Mama Eva left me a list of responsibilities (hey my english is beginning to suck, i had to think of that last line in Spanish firat before i was able to write it in English hahaha... Ok so my hard work here is actually paying off)

I prepapred for school today because it's my first day in level B1. I have new books too :)

Today we were only 6 in the class. 3 old students, Robin, me, and Amy but i'm pretty sure Maria is still in our class and was just absent today.

We have new students... Well one of them, Tsao is not exactly a new student. It's just that she is now in Nivel B1 and was placed in our class. She's from Beijing:

Then we have Rosie from Gales (i am not sure of the english translation of her country):

Marisa is still our morning professor but i am very very happy about our afternoon professor Fransisco (he hates his name. Normally Fransisco people are called Paco and he hates that too). He prefers to be called by his last name, Secci (pronounced Sechi)

Marisa left us a lot of homework today :p boooo ¡Que rollo! (how boring)

But anyway we discussed a lot of things in Secci's class today specially Spanish Customs..

NOW I KNOW WHERE WE GOT "FILIPINO TIME"!!! From the Spanish!... Apparently, it is already customary for the Spanish to arrive late in functions, meetigs, etc. Haha! NOW WE KNOW!

I also learned that it is really customary to "beso beso" literally twice. Here it is a cuatom to give to cheek to cheek kisses when you meet someone or something like that.

I shall include the others next time. It's really interesting to learn about theae things :)

After class i rushed home butnon the way home i stopped by "tiger". They have so much cheap, unique and cute stuff. I bought a scrub mitt for bathing :) oh and i bought a chocolate drink which was absolutely amazing!

And here come's luch! The very very delicious sandwhich with tuna in vegetable oil. Sort of like the "century tuna" back home in the Philippines, with my favorite LEMON YOGHURT!!!

After talking to my family and my amorcito <3, i went out for awhile to look for bleach for my white clothing and i ended up buying sale shoes because i need to buy shoes tht would not make me trip. I bought yellow rubbershoes. I will show the shoes when i wear them.

I walked for too long that i forgot i had to cook (heat actually) dinner.

I arrived home and asked Colleen to help me out because i do not really know how much food she wants or how big she wants her portion. We talked for awhile, while eating too. And she's really really nice.

After dinner, i left her alone, i fixed my stuff and watched a little tv. I watched an episode of "los misterios de Laura" (the misteries of Laura). I actually understood the show. It's like a "mentalist" type of show minusthe reading of minds. It's a police/detective work type of show.

So, i think i will need to go to sleep soon because i have school tomorrow :)

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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