Day 36: Irina's Birthday and Good News

It's 10 June 2011 and It's Irina's 18th Birthday!! :)  I gave her a little bracelet from Boracay.  And by the way, I ate galletas for breakfast. I am actually pretty anxious to go to school because of the test results but I am quite confident that I passed. But I am a bit disappointed because of my essay. There were more errors than I expected.

For today I am not going to make my entry in chronological order. Because I want to feature Irina's birthday! :)

Anyway, I rushed home after class because I was hungry but I didn't exect that Irina's party was going to be this lunch.

 Here's a picture with Jamie my American Foster Sister and Andrea, Irina's Best Friend! :)
 Irina reading out loud a part of the notebook Mama Eva gave her that belonged to her when she was 18 as well :)

Ok now let's move on to the last day of classes of my dear classmates Induja and Emmanuel. Here's a class pic with Esteban. Too bad Maria left early and Caroline did not come to class

Here's a better group pic from last night. We asked the camarero (waiter) to take the picture for us:

Well, it's time for me to take a bath and to fix my things and so it's Buenas Noches Madrid! :)

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