Day 54: Churros and Patatas Bravas

Today i woke up a little later than usual since Alana did not have to go to school so early.

Now i have someone to share the galletas with :) Alana loved them too!!!

When we arrived in school, Bianca and Beatriz were in the classroom already and then all of a sudden, Yusuke came in (he's not my classmate but he's a friend :)) to ask me i i know a swimmin pool near by :) i told him about the pool we went to :)

I was surprised because 4 Brazilian boys came in our classroom and so now i know tht they were our missing classmates :) i took horroble paparazzi shots of them

This guy i think is Lincoln, and beside him is Beatriz, from Brazil too

And we have 2 more, William and... Lo siento (i'm sorry) i forfot his name). We hardly had time for introductions

Lastly, my partner for today.... I forgot his name too:

Marisa made them guess where Bianca and I were from. They said China, Japan or Korea.... Hahahahaha! It's really funny :)

In Secci's class, he mentioned about gueatlists in a discoteca (club) in Madrid and i realized, i'm such a dork. I've never been to a discoteca EVER!! hahahahaha! I have to experience it someday.

Well, when i arrived home o had tomato soup again and a bocadillo with tuna and mayo :)

I had to rest a bit because it was really really hot this afternoon. But it's good that Mama Eva finally placed "ventiladores" in every room. To my filipino friends you know what i'm talking about. It's the same word :) Yes! electric Fan!

I love it!

By the way, i am starting to dream in Spanish. Weeeeee!!!!
Me alegre!!

Then in the afternoon, i went to Atocha to check out that bar i always pass that has Churros, and i finally tried it and some Patatas Bravas.

Tastes great! Buenissimo!

I ha a difficult time biting and chewing on the churros though because they were really tough.... Apparently churros is a breakfast thing. I came to this restaurant at 20:45 in the evening and it's self explanatory :) but the chocolate was amazing!!!

I want to show you an example of how people here sit anywhere in the metro when there are no seats available :) this girl was beside me but she was on the floor. I love it! it's interesting :)

And when i arrived home, more food!! Haha! We had Squid with Garbanzos but i don't know wht the dish is called.

And the best part, ice cream!! It's Turrón flavor. No it's not the turron with the flour wrapper and banana in syrup, it's turrón, Nougat in english :)

Oh by the way, i am so happy and surprised as well, my blog reached 3,000 readers. I really never expected this. It's amazing! Thank you to the people who alot time to read my blog. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!!

Well, i'm stuffed i can hardly breathe, i have to fix my stuff for tomorrow so,

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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