Day 48: I Love The NightLife

I had been having a hard time sleeping in the evening, maybe because i am finally accustomed to the Spanish time...

And so i also have a hard time waking up in the morning :)

School was less boring today and i am happy that i read ahead because i felt so confident in class. I talked to the Director about changing classes but apparently i have to talk to my professors first which i will be able to do this friday because tomorrow is a holiday. Yes they have fiestas of the "santos" also. And yes we got it from the Spanish :)

Today is also Celestine's last day so ofcourse, a photo would be mandatory :p

I have the same pose every picture. I should change it every time we have class pictures. Hahahahaha! I'll bring out my dorkiness

Thanks to iPhone's secondary camera i am able to take pictures of myself with or without other people but sometimes it distorts my face :p

When i came home i prepared some pasta again because i am really hungry

Bit i only took a few because Irina might want some more and i just took a little pita bread

And for the "sobra"... Yes they call the excess as sobra also :)

Yummm..... Que bueno!!! (very good! --- another one of the expressions Irina my dearest taught me, so as not to sound like a nerd)

After eating i studied and i fell asleep but had to prepare a little because i am going out with Greta and Lydia, my 2 new Italian friends who just came in this week and only for this week.

At 19:00 i went to Gran Vía to check out the Clothing stores that Irina told me about. I arrived and wow! This is totally the place for shopping fanatics. A really big H&M, Bershka, Mango, Lefties.. I know you can't see it in the pic but wow...And this is what almost 8 in the evening looks like here

Irina was right! This was the most beautiful Zara EVER!!! i just went in to take a look. I did not need anything so i did not buy anything either. I just wanted to see what Irina told me about.

The view when you enter...

And the stairs!!! I am speechless...

This is the opposite view, from the stairs looking towards te entrance/exit this time:

After Zara i checked out Stradivarius and hey! I was just in time for a mini fashion show they had.

Then Greta and i exchanged SMS and decided to meet in Sol at around 21:20 i told them that we should meet in front of the Topshop there. They were a little late because of a little trouble with the metro but hey, you guys know me, i don't mind waiting. There's so much to see and to hear in Sol.

Waiting in front of Topshop :)

It took us a long time to settle because we were all new to the nightlife of Madrid. We went to the address that their Spanish mum gave them, but when we arribed therr it was cramped outside and the inside was dark and the ambience was not good. we left and walked towards plaza mayor but it was a bit expensive there and so we want back to sol and found ourselves a vacant table for 3 at O'Reilly's. These girls are really "simpatica" and i loved being with them. They were funny and we had a lot of stories to tell each other. Notice that Black is the color of the day :)

We went back to Plaza Mayor to eat ice cream before oing home

The metro was only upto 01:30 and it was 12:30 in our watches but we decided to call it a day. And because i am so thick faced, i asked a Filipino aboard the train to take a picture of us :)

When i arrived home Irina was there but she left for her dad's house again because they have a little excursion tomorrow. And then i watched a little tv. And hey! It was Dr. House on TV!! It's season 4 i think or 5.

I was just thinking the other day that if i watched Dr. house dubbed in Spanish i would not underatand because of the many medical terms but i am surprised i actually got it :)
Ok i want to show you my evening, ready-to-rest, in the house hair. Hahahahaha! With my bow headband to keep my hair away from my face. Hahahahahaha!

After this, i felt the sleepiness, por fin!! (finally!), so,

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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