Day 37: ¡Hola Huelva!

I took a side trip to Huelva. A port city of Spain :) I like the city. It's more quiet and calmer than Madrid but ofcourse i love how vibrant and alive Madrid can get.
It's just nice to get away from the noisy and fast paced life once in a while.

I met a friend of mine who i have not seen for the longest time! ¡Hola! It's Rogan Canseco!! And of all places to see each other, in Spain :) now it had become a running joke to us. "oh we just ran into each other... Just in Europe" hahaha

Rogan had been a good friend of mine, and Crystal since college days even if we are not from the same school.

We ate "Secreto de Iberico" a pork dish with pesto sauce and fries

We ate at El Horno de Leña

We walked along the road and saw the pretty city hall which by this time is empty because it was a weekend siesta time but earlier it was full of protesters as seen in the photo below this:

This was a few hours before:

Anyway, we decided to eat ice cream at a nearby heladería (ice cream shop) because it's pretty warm in this place considering the location which is south.

I got "turron" flavor but it's not the same turron we have in the Philippines. It's quite different. But it was reeeeeally delicious!

Rogie got chocolate and that was the best chocolate ice cream ever!!!

We had time to spare for photo moments. Although some are in my other camera which i will post later on.

Structures here are wonderful and still had a touch of Arabic architecture

And so before we said our "hasta luego"s, we had a picture taken again for memory's sake. Like what Rogan told me, "these pictures are really expensive considering the cost of the plane fare, etc"

There was a flamenco girl too but the picture is in my other camera. Hmph...

Oh well, i shall just write an extenstion entry to this with pictures :)

¡Buenas Noches España!


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