Day 35: Examen and Plaza Mayor With Friends

I shall fast forward thisday because i only ate galletas for breakfast :) hehe

This morning, Mama Eva showed me a picture of her niece who died in a helicopter accident 5 years ago.

I think she's really pretty and it's a shame that she died early.

Anyway, i took my exam today. We had paragraph writing, and then identification and a reading comprehension part.

I honestly do not know how i fared because if you take the exam it seems easy but when we went over our answers a had a few errors and i am quite disappointed. I am still quite confused with the many many past tenses that Spanish has. Bit it's ok i am quite sure i did well.

After class, i went straight home to call my family. I hoped to call them earlier today because i had plans to go out with my classmates.

I went around for awhile since i had a few hours more to burn. I like watching people in the metro. This photo is in the metro Estrecho while waiting for a train :)

See the man on the right? He is sooooo drunk. Red drunk :) but i appreciate his silence and his effort to stay calm and reserved despite being so drunk he looked like he was going to throw up anywhere:

Here's a cute couple, the guy had to tip toe just to kiss his girlfriend :)

I found a bookstore whoch is closing by the end of the month so they sold books for half the price. I looked at their hildren's books and what i loved about the books were that they were 2nd hand books but in very good condition and it was cheap and now it's cheaper because of the closing sale status:

I surfaced from Sol station again today and hey! There are still people in their tents!!! Very persistent they truly are.

There were mariachi singers too and they performed really well i loved them

When i finally found my friends, we lookednfor the reataurant that Robin said was very good but is affordable.

AND IT IS ON!!! We asked for beer and they gave us this very biiiiiiig glass...

We had a great time talking about anything, eating, drinking, i love this group!
Sorry about the face, it's not easy to take a picture of all of us but i did it anyway :)

Then we see this giant "baby" on a stroller... But he's not really a baby, you know what i mean? :)

It rained a little... More of a drizzle so we decided to walk around and look for another place to hang out and we stayrd in this bar caller "dubliner" or something like that and ordered mojitos.

There were football games on screens :)

Now i've seen a glimpse of the night life of Madrid. It really is so alive and it's very refreshing as well :)

22:30 is still early to be called a nightlife but for me, that is nightlife already :) we ended our little reunion at that hour because Robin had to meet up with a few friends who's last day was tomorrow as well like Induja :)

Well, i really enjoyed that. It was a young night of friendship, laughter and life.

And then i returned home, did my evening ritual and it's Buenas Noches Madrid!! :)

2 Response to "Day 35: Examen and Plaza Mayor With Friends"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    June 10, 2011 at 5:56 PM

    good luck sa result maam...

    wonderful experience naman nang yayari sau dyan maam..always take care maam..

    GOD BLESS ...

  2. mintmochaformimi says:
    May 22, 2012 at 3:53 PM

    Thank you thank you! :)

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