Part 2: Laiya Batangas

I'm so sorry everyone if it's taking me so long to update. I just started my new job and I'm still adjusting but I promise to still keep writing :) 

Anyway, this is part 2 of the Laiya, Batangas post. I must warn you that this post is going to be photo heavy. Here's a glimpse of today's post :)

In my previous post, I wrote there that we went on an occular inspection to see what resort, or whatever we can stay in for our departmental planning. We didn't end up in any of the places we looked at. Instead, we rented this house which wasn't exactly beach front but it was stil near the beach. We haven't even unpacked properly yet and we all ran to the beach side already :)
 It was low tide that day so it was really just blah, but at least it wasn't very dangerous to play around even if it was almost sunset
 My junior classmen relaxing :)

 My classmate Dez, threatened to throw me into the water :p
 ....Well he didn't throw me in the water, he just dipped my hair :p
I mentioned in one of my Spain posts that in Madrid, everyone would kill to dance. In Philippines, everyone would kill to sing. Almost everyone owns a karaoke apparatus. In the Provinces, almost everyone has this big machine, which can be rented
 Our Tactical Petty Officer grilling something for dinner...
 ....more karaoke
 ....It's dark already and still, mooooore karaoke
 The next day, there was a procession outside. I forgot what or who's feast it was but I'm pretty sure it's the feast of the patron saint of that certain area. This is very common in my country

Look what we have for lunch: Fried Frog! Really :) It tastes like chicken only a little spicier. Not bad :) I actually like it.
After lunch, we waited for a few hours until the sun wasn't as high up so that we don't burn, and we ran to the beach as usual, and saw this raft with a nipa hut above. We rented it for a few hours so that we have somewhere to hold on to if we get tired of swimming
 Imagine, I'm about 152cm or 4 feel 11.7 inches (yes people, I'm tiny), and the water is just upto there. The water will be just like that as I walk further, and about 15-20 meters away from the shore, the water just suddenly becomes so deep like a trench
 We also rented this thing (I don't know what it's called but it was fun)

 We would once in a while get out and swim and just hang on to the bamboo raft

 Some of my friends would play diving games and pick up whatever from below, like this bottle which unfortunately didn't have anything inside. We were hoping it had a message or something :)
 We all hung on to just 1 "salvavida" :)
 Behind the hut on top of the raft, there were sun beds :)
 Enjoying the water bike thing
Ernest wanted to feel what it was like being pulled by the water bike, so he just floated behind and hung on whenever Dez would step on the pedals

 When we got farther from the shore, as in the reeeeally dark and deep parts, the boys decided to swim around, and I was left behind on the water bike to take their pictures and I loooooved it because it looked like they were on the edge of the world :) These pictures were not modified so that I can show you how bright and blue the water really was

 The water was just amazingly super blue and I will never forget how it looked like in person. 

 Well, I'm gonna float away now and hope all of you enjoyed this super photo filled, and uber long post :) I enjoyed writing this because it brought back some memories with friends who I consider family
- mil besos y abrazos chicos!! hasta luego!! <3

Part 1: Laiya Batangas, and Tagaytay City

I don't want to waste old memories so I'm doing another back post :) Last 2009, my friends and I went to Laiya, Batangas for an occulat inspection of prospective resorts that we could stay in for our departmental planning. 

This will be a 2 part post because this post is about our occular inspetion and part 2 is the departmental planning itself :) We ended up in this area of Laiya which was tranquil, clean and relaxing
 I guess the previous visitor went shell hunting and left these on top of the stone fence thing
 There were plenty of coconut trees and it was such a relief to have them there because we were there at around 11 am which was really hot because the sun was high up. This is my friend Ernest who came with us :)
We came to Laiya during the non-peak dead season meaning there aren't much visitors therefore, it was almost empty. We hardly saw anyone else. 
 But that made the place all the more peaceful, you wouldn't want to leave anymore. But there are of course, parts of Laiya that are very populated by locals and tourists but this side was surprisingly left out. Maybe because of the rental price?
 There were hammocks that we could rest on

 And this one is called a Nipa Hut, or the "Bahay Kubo" where we can rest, eat or just sit in. That's Crystal, my other friend who came with us

 It was evidently a provincial areas as there were cows here and there roaming or resting :)
 Crystal and Ernest found a swing and relived their childhood days by using it :)
 After Laiya, we stopped over Tagaytay City to eat, and admire the view of the Taal Volcano. The Taal Volcano is small and active, and the crater is underwater :) The lake surrounding it is called the Taal Lake and many fishermen set up fishing spots around it to catch the Tilapia Fish.
 Tagaytay is a wonderful place. It's a city in the Cavite Province just above Batangas and 2000ft above sea level which is why it's so breezy here that people visit often during the summer.

Well, that's part 1 of my Laiya Batangas post, I'll get back to all of you with part 2 as soon as possible :) mil besos y abrazos chicos!! :)

Food Trip: Kraaaaazy Garlik! :)

What took me so loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong???? well as some of you would know (if you saw it in the news or something), a certain region in the Philippines (specifically the one where I live), experienced literally non-stop rains for 2 weeks and to think there was no typhoon and only monsoon rains. Visibility was just....bad! haha

This monsoon caused so much flooding that for a few days, classes and work were suspended. I think that the flooding 2 years ago during Typhoon Ondoy was worse because in a span of 6 hours, the floods in some areas reached like 25ft. This year's flooding reached almost the same level but slowly.
 This is not even the bad flood yet. This is only about 2 feet high or less.

Anyway, so what did I do? Since we can't really help in relief stuff just yet and we were stuck in a mall (all roads home were flooded so we had to wait for it to subside), we watched the premiere of Bourne Legacy :) Just a quick note, the movie was great except for the start which was long, and dragging and BORING, but after awhile, the film becomes action packed (and not to mention, the scenes were filmed, here in the Philippines ;)) and the fact that the film had a confusing plot (did it even have one?)

We were in the Resorts World Newport Mall anyway, so after the movie my sister and I ate at this restaurant called Krazy Garlic :) I've never eaten in that restaurant before but we had been going to RW for the past few years, I've never tried this restaurant so I suggested that we eat there.
 This is their Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad, which had the little best seller logo beside the name in the menu. This dish is one of the best salads I've ever eaten in my life. According to the menu, it's an Asian salad mix with cucumber, bell pepper, onions and oriental chicken strips tossed in sesame lime dressing and my favorite part, it's topped with crispy fried wanton strips and peanut sauce.  This dish if shared (3-4 persons) costs PhP475 or US$11.30 and if you get the regular size (good for 2), it's PhP275 or roughly US$6.54
 Being a rice eater, I just had to order extra rice because we ordered chicken :)
 Another one of their best sellers is the 40 Kloves Chicken which I really love. Now I know why it's a best seller. It bursts with flavor! It's their chicken marinated in their original garlic creamed sauce, simmered slowly in 40 kloves :) It's just reeeeeally good. The regular size, which is about the size of a half spring chicken and good for 2 persons cost PhP395 or US$9.40 and their shared size (good for 4-5) cost PhP695 or US$16.54.
 We love salad so much that we ordered another one. We ordered the Krazy Garlik Wrap which is something like the mined chicken salad wrap of this Vietnamese restaurant we like, Pho Hoa. This dish has stir fried mined chicken and turnips, with ripe mango strips, garlic chips and coconut flakes. This has their garlic sauce, hoisin and chili sauce on the side :)

yuuuuuuuummyyyyy! I actually want to go and eat there again right now as I write this. I hope I can bring the other members of my family there and I'm sure I'll be back there to try out their other dishes :)

y ya'sta! hasta luego!! besos y abrazos chicos!!! <3


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