Day 81: Hogar Dulce Hogar (Home Sweet Home)

I fell asleep for 2 hours and i decided to utilize the beautiful shower room of Qatar Airways.

Then after about 30 minutes, they called the passengers of my flight foe boarding. We all had to board a shuttle bus to be brought to our plane

Upon arriving inside the plane and after settling down, our orders were taken for our after take off meal. I was goven sushi for appetizer and i chose the spicy noodles with chicken breast with the amazing sauce :)
Unforunately i was out if my mind, i ate the sushi while waitin for my camera to load :) now all you can see is the bowl, the garnishing and some wasabi

Since i was a little girl (i did not grow much though), i've always loved apple juice in the plane and upto now ask for apple juice during plane rides. I don't normally drink apply juice in normal days.

Here's the noodle thing

And for dessert we have fresh fruits with unsweetened greek yoghurt. I don't like unsweetened though :p

With my headphones on for a portion of a movie before sleeping.

I did not finish it because i had to go i sleep. It's a 9 hour flight!!

And then i woke up just in time for breakfast. Unfortunately i was trying to conserve battery so i was not able to turn on the cam to take pictures of breakfast but it was a filipino breakfast that did not at all taste like one.

I was so happy when i felt the plane finally touch the ground.

When i got out of the plane i felt the humid heat of my country. HUMID! hahaha! But hey quess what? There's a storm :) what a way to welcome me

Baggage conveyor belt

Customs :)

And i was so surprised because from a far, i saw who my surprise fetcher was :)

I was really really very happy! :) he and my dad waited for me at the waiting area, and then my mum and sister were in the car :)
After that we all went to Resorts World Manila to eat at stackers :)

Mi hermanita :) she was so envious of my skin and hair color. My hair color became brown and my skin a bit darker because i was always under the sun in Madrid :)

I ate soooo much :) and to think i just ate breakfast in the plane. This is weird becauae i arrived in Manila at 16:40 and we just had breakfast. Hahahaha

After this my phone went dead and so i could not take pictures in the Chinese restaurant we went to after. Yes we ate again. Hahaha!

I was not even able to take pictures of the unpacking of my clothes but oh well.

Well, that's it, this is the last day of my adventure this year. I really did not expect my blog to reach 6,000 hits. I want to thank the people who visited my blog. You actually inspired me to move around Madrid and to learn more so that i can share my experience with all of you :) it was a good 81 days of Spain, my home away from home. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did even if it's only through my blog.

I also want to thank my teachers and friends in Spain who actually encouraged me to post in my blog, sometimes even reminding me to take a picture and sometimes they take the picture for me :)

Thank you all! Til my next adventure, this is Mimi a.k.a, Mimidora, Camille, Camila, Chiquitita, (and all the other names that were given to me), saying ¡HASTA LUEGO!!!!! Besos y abrazos! :)

When i have settled, i might post some of the pictures i took using my big camera as supplementary posts.

-- now it's time to say ¡Buenas Noches Madrid, España, Qatar and Filipinas! :)

Day 80: ¡Adios Madrid! ¡Hasta Luego!

This morning i woke up feeling sad because it sinked in to me that i have to go back to the Philippines and i have to leave this family that i have learned to love as if they were my own :( but as Mamá Eva always said, "la vida es así" (life is like that). But i guess that gives me more reason to come back :)

I took pictures of my room :) my view whenever i wake up in the morning

This is my view when i look up :) my window with the curtains

Then i ate breakfast with Mamá Eva. Last call for galletas :) and some greek yoghurt. After that we brought down all of my heavy things. I really want to thank Mamá Eva for her hospitality and for treating me like i am really her own daughter. I'm reeeeally going to miss her. Downstairs i took a picture of the lobny of the apartment

And my view when i open the gate

Mamá Eva drove me to the airport.

And it's hasta luego to her. I will miss you Mamá Eva!!

In the airport...

Thank God i'll be flying business class because it's a 7 hour flight to Doha, Qatar and then a 7 hour lay over and then another 6 or 7 hours to Manila. Wooooo!!

In the business class lounge i took Fanta limon because i know that when i arrive in the Philippines, or in Doha, no more Fanta.

In the airplane

Almost all of their commencement food is seafood :p rarrr

I ordered Spanish Tapas instead but it really sucked. I suddenly missed mamá Eva's cooking. The green thing on top is guacamole and it really sucked.

Then i had chicken with some kind of sauce which made up for the horrible appetizer. It was really good

And then helado (ice creeeeam!)

I watched Beastly first...

And then red riding hood

And they were really really great movies :)

Then before landing they serve food again i don't know what this is though

We can't really see in this picture but the sky had a soft orange color and it was very nice and soothing to the eyes. Too bad i wasn't on a window seat

And then finally i arrived at Doha and i guess it's not so bad o wait for 7 hours here. I love their lounge!!

It has a buffet too!

I deliberately sat down near the buffet table :)

Oh and the bathroom... Ahhhhh!!!

Here's the beat part :) they have beds!!!!

And now i'll just sleep until i'm called for boarding :)

¡Buenas Noches Qatar!

Day 79: Date with Mamá Eva

Today is officially my last tour day in Madrid and so, my Mamá Eva decided to take me to the exposition at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza of the works of one of the nost important artists of Spain, Antonio Lopez. What's else is great about him is, HE'S STILL ALIVE! :)

This morning i savored my galletas because this is my 2nd to the last breakfast for this long trip


And then after taking a bath. We went to the metro station. It feels weird having to buy single journey ticket

When we arrived at the Thyssen, there was a line and the ticket they're selling is for the 14:30 batch. We arrived there around 11:30 To think that we came on a day where most madrileños are out because of the long weekend.

And so we decided to go out first and walk to the Barrio de las Letras. Apparently this place was a hangout of the old writers.
We also dropped by a church which is packed with people during the holy week.

After walking around some more, we saw a little taberna with a sign that says "Callos Madrileña". It is a typical dish in Spain with clean pig tripe :) yes the part of a pig's stomach

Mmmmm... Callos :)

Then this guy came and started talking to us. He's not freaky. He just wanted to start a conversation about the food because he never tried callos yet before but he's from Spain.

He wamted to try the callos so we gave him some and he gave us some of his food too and guess what it was? Rabo de Torro...bull's tail! :) ahahahahaha!

After that we had our foto taken outside this very antique place.

After eating we went back to the Thyssen and just sat under the shade because we had 1 hour more before we can go in.

Here's a sample of Antonio Lopez' sculpture. He not only does paintings, he's gifted with this type of art too

Entrance :) i had a discount because of my student card :)

Here's a sample of his paintingnof the Gran Vía. His work is soooo detaoled it looks loke a poster. Apparently what he does is, so as not to have different lightig, he went to the same place facing the same angle always on the same time

This is only the entrance. Fotos are not allowed and for once i followed :)

One more foto :) i'm really going to miss you Mamá Eva

After the museum we went home so that i can finish with my luggage. But i really wanted to bring home hortchata for my family so i went out for a while. I found the biscuits they featured in the news before "Filipinos" :) but i did not buy any.

When i arrived home, dinner was being prepared and it was pasta with tomatoes, carrots, onions, and some italian spicrs and it was a bit spicy but it was so delicious, it was a perfect parting gift :)

After dinner i had to continue with the packing of my luggages and that's it.

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!


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