Day 66: Day of Rest and the New Girl

Well, nothing very interesting happened today but i have to write religiously so bear with me :)

I woke up today and i felt so alone. I was literally alone. Mamá Eva and Irina were still in Jaen for their family reunion. I wanted to go to El Rastro today to buy my gifts for friends back home but i did not know what time the French girl will arrive so i just stayed home. It's good to stay home once in a while to rest and to study

I drank my horchata and ate more greek yoghurt. Haha!

I organized my stuff and rolled the clothes that i won't be using in my last 2 weeks so that i can just put them in my luggage when i have to and so that i don't need to exert so much effort when i pack my stuff. My problem right now, i do not know if my stuff will fit and i am hoping my stuff will not reach the weight limit. I have shoes to stuff in too and that took up space alreay before i arrived. I do have a carry on stoller bag but my laptop is already inside and some books. It's the books that took up so much space. Well, every business class passenger is entitled to bring 2 carry on baggage. I have a big camera bag to carry but if ever my other things won't fit, I am planning on buying a big ass bag to put my camera bag in and other things like clothes and some of the gifts. This is so frustrating but i am sure i can find a way.

I watche tv since i don't have anyone to talk to, i need the tv to gather more vocabulary aside from my books.

I became dizzy this afternoon and i was wondering why and i realized i have not eaten lunch and it was almost 16:00.

I read our lessons for tomorrow and i am really hoping i can advance to B2 before i go back to the Philippines.

At around 20:00 the French girl finally arrived and her name is Julieta :) i love her name. And she's very nice too. Her mum is Spanish but they don't talk in Spanish so she's here to improve .

Irina arrived an hour later without her mum because her mum had to bring her sister to the airport.

Irina and i talked about what i did yesterday and she was happy i finally visited Escorial :)

She left to eat dinner with her day and Julieta and I were left alone and we waited for Mama Eva.

Mama Eva arrived and cooked dinner. She cooked the left over lamb that they had in their family reunion which was a home grown lamb :)

After that, it's time to sleep :)

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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