Day 64: El Museo del Aire and The Playing For Change Concert

Wow i can't believe i only have a few days left here. Time really flew so fast!!

I had my usual galletas this morning but everyone was in a rush because Alana and I have to go to the Museo del Aire or the Airforce Museum (hopefully we find it this time), and Mamá Eva and Irina will be going to Jaen for a Family Reunion.

We left the house and headed straight for the metro. We changed lines until we reached Principe Pío where the bus station is. The metro station is really pretty

We finally got on a bus and i now believe the Bus Drivers in Madrid can drive with their eyes closed. They are so used to the curves o the road that turning on a curve is like on a roller coaster ride!!... Hence the blurred picture :)

Here's a better one :)

We finally reached the bus stop and we just had to cross to get to the museum :)

After the sentry, where we had to show identification and ofcourse where photos are prohibited (im a good girl today. I did not take pics) we saw the sign pointing towards the museum

They have one of the most extensive air museums i have ever seen :)

Mira! (look!) it's the Philippine Airborne pin :) i'm so proud of my dad because he underwent the rigid airborne training, passed it, jumped of a plane (with the proper airborne gear :p)

And like in our museum back home they have the uniforms too

There are more uniforms but i was too busy taking pics with my bigger cam.

We got hungry and so we stopped by the cafetería and then i ate a salmon sandwhich and Fanta limón which is the equivalent of the "Lift" drink we have in the Philippines... Do we still have it there?... I'm not sure

...then we went back to viewing the planes. They have 7 hangars for public viewing

They also had one of those russian choppers used during the Soviet time

And then it was time to say goodbye to the museum becauae we needed to go to class

We took the bus back to Principe Pío and then took the train to Argüelles

I love their buses... I wish in the Philippines bus lines are the same. This one owned by the government so the number of buses are controlled to avoid traffic jams, but no one needs to worry because buses come every few minutes and so there's no problem at all all you have to do is wait at the proper bus stop. They really come.

So... In class there's Elena and Hynd who will both be transfering to the morning clases, so i won't be seeing them on monday

And here's Yahan and Chenchen arguing about howbto do the number hand signs in chinese

After class i got a glass of horchata to make Alana try it but since she's lactose intolerant, i made her take a sip and drank everything else :) it's soooooooo good

Then when we arrived home we prepared for the concert of the Playing for Change. They are a group od street performers from different parts of the world and they are pretty good

Dinner was pretty good too :) it's microwaveable pizza carbonara flavor

Then we went to the Concert :)

I put my hair in a headband :)
y hair was messed up
No es porque me guste enseñar mi frente muy largo, sino que hace mucho calor y me molesta :) (not because i want to show my big forehead but because it's hot and it's annoying me)

that was out lesson for today in school:
No es porque...sino que...
(it's not because... But it's because....)

And just when we thought the show was over and we were about to leave, the guard told us there's one more act.

It was Zoé, a Spanish techno rock band who sounds similar to Tokio Hotel... Or at least that's what i think

There was a girl behind me that knew every song and she hould have had an "i am a fan" sign but i think it was written all over her face and especially her eyes anyway

We left at 12 and took the metro back since it was still open.

Well, that's about it for today :)
Ya esta! :)
-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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