Day 56: Filipino Pancit :)

I had really little sleep, but it's ok because i had so much fun last night.

Alana and I went to school as usual, talkin in Spanish and trying o translate stuff :) she's such a nice girl. I actually enjoy her company.

In school, mornings for me are THE WORST! these past few weeks, and my classmates know why. It's the last day of 2 of my classmates, Caroline and Rosie. I'm going to miss them.

I swear my brain does not function in Marisa's class!! I feel stupid in her classes.

I lacked energy because i was tired but i was able to participate in class :) Secci made me explain or summarize the disney movie Atlantis :)

After class i just had to have a picture with Caroline and Ana

I really need to gain back my weight. I lost a lot here, you can see from my arms.

Try to compare. Here'a a picture of me taken by a friend a few weeks before i left the Philippines:

And here's my picture taken a few day ago:

I look healthier when i'm not this thin and when i have bigger cheeks. I had been eating plenty but, yeah. It's hard.

Anyway, I have a picture with Rosie too:

When i arrived home, oh how glad i was! I really needed to sleep. I did and then my folks called me, but i went back to sleep. I wanted to visit a museum this afternoon but i guess i'll just do it tomorrow.

Dinner time and i was so happy because Mamá Eva cooked "pancit"!!! It's a Filipino dish, a type of Filipino noodle dish :)
It was spicier than the typical pancit but it was great!! I ate it with Alana ;)

After dinner i watched the Aviator in Spanish and then now i have to go back to sleep because i have class tomorrow.

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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