Day 67: ¡Hola Jose Rizal!

Today i had to wake upnearly because i have to bring Julieta to school to show her the way :)

I even took her picture while taking the exam :)

And i watched :)

I am so glad today that there were newspapers being distributed on the street :)

I read an article about the people in the metro who play music in their apparatus without earphones and putting the volume up high. Some Madrileños find it annoying becasae they just want to travel in peace and here comes insensitive passengers who either plays in earphoneless gadgets their music or even if they do have earphones. They sing like they are in the bathroom :) well, that's what i read :)

Anyway, i left the school because i have nothing to do there anyway. I walked to argüelles so i can go to estación Isla Filipinas :) but i saw the map and it was not so bad to walk because it's morning and it's windier :) so i did. It's a little far but it's not like my walk from Las Ventas to our house :p

I finally reached the place and hey! I saw the metro :)

And then i walked a little more to find that monument of Jose Rizal. I did not know exactly where that monument is but i had time to search anyway :)

Here's a shot of the street sign

About 20 metres away, i saw a part of te road that looks likenit has a monument but with my size i cannot see but i had a gut feeling and yes, my heart started to race :) i'm a freak. Hahahaha! And yes i was right :)

It has the "mi ultimo adios" and the Filipino translation "ang aking huling paalam"

Here's the Filipino one. I prefer the Spanish one because it was written in his handwriting

Here's the Spanish one

I looked like a freak taking pictures of myself but I DID NOT CARE! the people don't know me and ofcourse you guys know how thick faced i am :) oh and it's not everyday that i will get to see Rizal's monument here in Madrid

It's facing the avenue. It's not in a park

I realized that the walk home was short and that i do not have to spend money for a metro so i walked and it was wonderful :)

When i arrived home Mamá Eva was not yet home so i just read my lessons and when she arrived she had a bit of an argument with someone over the phone ao she forgot to prepare lunch :) it was already 14:00 and i had to go to school so i left but he rushed to me and insisted that i take something and so i did and i just ran to the metro and when i surfaced from the metro i ran once again.

I was a few minutes late but they were still interviewing the new students so no problem.

We have new classmates :) 1 from Poland, 2 from Brazil and 1 from Russia.

This is Magda from Poland and beside her, i forgot her name but she's from Brazil and she is in Enforex with her whole family. Her husband and 2 kids :) and there's Bruna on the right and she's also from Brazil :)

And there's Svetlana won the right from Moscow, Russia :)

Hynd was supposed to be part of the morning class but i am not sure why she's here today bit it's ok, she's nice anyway :)

Since we won't be seeing each other because we have different schedules, i took my picture with her :)

After class i went to the bookstore to look for books :) after that i took the bus instead of the metro going home.

But i was not sure how to go home from the bus stop to the flat... But i tried to remember the path and yes, my map reading and navigational skills still work!!!! Woohoo!!!

Well i just read a little and had dinner with my whole family

An then Julieta and i talked so much it was good because we both get to practice :)

And now it's time to rest,
-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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