Day 70: Exam Day

This is what i like about afternoon classes. Because i came home so late last night i need to sleep so i can function well for my exam. And since i won't have class until 14:30, and i came home at around 04:30 in the morning, i was able to sleep from 05:00 until 10:30.

I still had time to study too.

But i think i had been studying too much, my brain cannot retain much more.

After lunch, i read some more and off to school i go.

So, the exam...

It was difficult. And i spent too much time reading the text that i did not have time to finish everything and so as not to have blank spaces, i had to do the "shot gun" and guess the others. Haaaaaa...

Anyway, after class, i ran into Secci and wenwalked together towards the metro and jut split because he was going towards Las Rosas and i was going towards Cuatro Caminos.

When i arrived home i dropped on the bed and ...Zzzzzzzzzzz.... Until Mamá Eva arrived and called us for dinner, and that's it. After my evening ritual, it's time to sleep. Yeah i know. Nothing interesting today hahaha. Maybe tomorrow :)

Buenas Noches Madrid!!

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