Day 57: Camino (Movie)

I woke up late today :) 08:30!!! I hate it when that happens but oh well, at least Alana and i were able to leave the house early and arive in school on time.

What's new abiut morning classes? Nothing. I still feel stupid in Marisa's classes.

But Secci's class was great!! We watched a movie and he did not tell us what movie because we might look for the summary or whatever but what's weird is yhat when the title finally appeared on the screen, i realized, it was the movie i bought 3 days ago but i have not watche it!! Haha! It was "Camino":

It's a true story about a girl who i think has cancer but i am not sure what type but i think the title has 2 meanings because Camino is her name but "camino" also means "path" in Spanish. It was a movie about the paths she takes in her life fighting her sickness and falling in love. It's a true story :) it's a bit heavy but it's very nice and no wonder it received so many Goya awards.

Anyway i shall stop there because if anyone runs into my blog who wamts to watch it and reads this i might spoil it.

After class, i went straight to El Corte Ingles to buy something for my mum because it's July already and now starts the crazy sale season.

I also bought a book :) it's "El Regreso del Joven Principe" (The Return of The Little Prince) but it's in Spanish though.

I am starting to buy books because when i go back to the Philippines i won't be able to buy Spanish books anymore. Except online. But that's kind of a hassle, and because i love walking around in bookstores browsing through books, etc.

I fell asleep again this afternoon and so i missed my chance to visit a museum but i guess i can go tomorrow.

Oh!!! Irina passe her entrance exam!!!! ¡Felicidades Mi Hermana!!! (Congratulations my sister) i'm so happy for her! She's so smart! Out of the 190 i think, she was #40 :) there were so many people who tried out for this school an she was in the upper half :)

Anyway, we ate dinner and we had the Moroccan chicken again, with pancit :)

Mamá Eva an Irina left to watch a concert and Alana and I were left alone and we practiced speakig Spanish with each other and we talked til 11:

I am annoyed right now because there's someyhing wrong with my laptop. It won't search for networks so it can't detect the wifi connection here at home. Niw i can't use my laptop to connect to the internet and that's very inconvenient because
1) if i want to post pictures i can't
2) if i use my iphone to connect to the internet all the time my battery is screwed
3) a laptop has a bigger screen and therefore easier to read stuff when i study grammar stuff online...


and now it's time to go to bed :c

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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