Day 58: El Palacio Real and Día del Orgullo Gay

Today is the big party for the "El Día del Orgullo Gay" or the Proud Gay Day :) i had been waiting for this day. I'm so proud of Spain because they have something like this.

But since the party won't be til the afternoon, Alana and I decided to visit the "Palacio Real" or the Royal Palace of Spain located here in this lovely lovely city of Madrid.

We left a little late so there was a long line under the heat of the sun but we did not care.

Spongebob was outside by the way and i had my picture taken with him

We finally got in after being baked!!!

It was freakin' hot outside. Anyway, pictures are once again not allowed but i really really want to take pictures and "if there's a will, there's a way"
And this way, is the entrance to this marvelous section of the palace. I swear if the guard saw me he would kill me.

And this is the ceiling of this entrance:

And then i think this was some kind of throne room. We did not have a tourguide so... Haha

Can you see the chinese design in the corners of the ceiling? And the embroidered wall? The wall took more than 20 years to make by women who embroidered it by hand. It was amazing!!! The threads have silver and other kinds of thread but this was truly amazing!

Then we entered another room and our jaws dropped yet again... This room's walls are made of porcelain!!!!!!!

And the beautiful dining area was breathtaking!! Super Impresionante

There was a room also woth 5 pieces from Stradivari that were fron the 1700. Violins and cellos. Buenisimo!

They also had receiving rooms that had a chinese design. I'm not chinese but it's somethin oriental and i was proud :) (sorry i could not rotate the pic)

This is one of my favorite parts. The Royal Pharnacy :) it was amazing! They had drawers and jars for different herbs and medicines :)

Then we also visited the Royal Armory

We could not get over the beauty of this palace i had to buy a guidebook that i can give my parents because they were not able to see this

Alana and i looked for a place to eat after because we were hungry.
We found a place nearby which was cozy and their menu of the day was amazing. I had spaghetti bolognese and the iberian ham

... And now it's gone:

Then we visited El Mercado de San Miguel. But we did no really linger and went back to Sol

We ate ice cream in Farggi and i ate Yogur Griego, or Greek Yogurt flavor and it was the best!!!!

It was really hot today, it is good i placed Crema Solar (sunblock) but Alana did not so her shoulders burned a little

We wet back home because Mamá Eva and i will attend a concert of her dance teacher.
We took the bus an it was amazing because there was Wi-Fi in the bus!!!!

We reached Plaza España and we saw the party starting

Amd so many people came to watch this event :)

Finally we were able to go inside the theater where the dance concert will take place. It was a mix of indian, arabi and other dances

It was amazing! How graceful te dancers were. Apparenty the lead dancer (the teacher of Mama Eva), had only been dancing for 4-5 years an she's amazing.

After the concert, we went to watch the parade

There were so much people and they some were even on their balconies just to watch. They also placed gay flags on buildings

I was really happy i was able to witness this event

This was the GLBT's time to shine :)

Lookie! His butt is exposed :)
I've never seen an event like this ever.

They're not afraid to show anything and it's such a glorious moment for them :)

I have so many gay friends who i am sure would have loved to witness this too

And i'm glad i watched it with my Mamá Eva

There was a drunk guy dancing too :)

And when it was time for us to go home, in the metro was a drunk guy too :)

Well, when we arrived home, Irina and her friend Mara were back home and Alana as well :) we had pasta for dinner and tomorrow were goig to El Rastro :)

It was a loooong but fun day,

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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