Day 72: Los Negrales and Museo Sorolla

This morning i had to visit the Museo Sorolla. It's basically my last Saturday here where i can do stuff without pressure because next week i have to prepare for my trip home :)

And Julieta had to wait for a friend :) i went ahead :) now i have to say that i never had a favorite artist. All paintings practically looked similar to me. I'm not very much a fan of abstracts and modern paintings either. I like the classic portrait ones. But now i do. Sorolla has some of the most heart warming and bright paintings and i love it! He is a painter from Valencia but this museum is in Madrid because he lived here too. I think he died here as well

The museum itself is impressing :) it even showcases his workplace

And i have a favorite painting too. I don't know who this person is but he is really "guapo" and i saw this painting from faraway. I had to wait for the guard to look away for me to snap this.

People come here to paint too

And this museum has an amazig garden. It's because it was formerly his house :)

And in the metro Iglesia there's a copy of one Sorolla painting :)

When i arrived home, finally the Salmoreja was finished :) Mamá Eva taught me how to make it too. It's a typical dish similar to Gazpacho :)

After lunch i rested a bit and then i prepared to go to Argüelles station to meet up woth Ms. Barrueta my teacher :)

And here comes the bus:

We took the bus at Moncloa going to Los Negrales. It was about an hour's drive to the place. It was amazing!!!!

It was a house donated by a Señora :) it was a very lovely place it had so much trees in their backyard too...

I met some of the Teresianas who lived there and then i finally saw what i came for. St. Pedro Poveda's crypt :) He was the founder of the school i studied in for 12 years so it's really an honor to see his crypt. Can't find it? It's the altar :) they celebrate mass above it.

Proud little girl :)

Josefa Segovia's crypt is in the room next to his.

And then we entered Josefa Segovia's room with her stuff still in it for exhibition

Then we entered another exhibit room with St. Pedro Poveda's stuff

And here's a picture of Victoria Diez :) she is buried in Cordoba it's too bad i was not able to visit because we were still in a tour. But anyway she is one of the prominent figures in my school.

Then in one of the exhibit rooms i found an article about the Philippines and Ms. Maruxa Pita, a Spanish lady who devoted her life in the Philippines to teach the street children. She is still in the Philippines but she is very sick right now and i really hope i cam find out whih hospital she is in.

Here's the picture in the article. Ms. Pita is the person in the very far right, and The Queen of Spain in 1995 watching the street children performing a native Filipino dance with coconut shells.

After that we looked or Ms. Rosa Basas. She was the school president when i graduated from
Highschool :)

And then Ms. Barrueta and i walked and talked for a while :)
We walked through a garden full of Lavander :)

And we also found a symbolic labyrinth

After that, we left and as we arrived in Madrid i had to say goodbye to my teacher

¡Muchas Gracias a ti por acompañarme! Disfruté mucho mi tiempo en Los Negrales. Espero que yo pueda volver a España y pueda acompañarme otra vez. Cuando tu vayas a Filipinas, cocinaré para ti :) (Thank you very much for acompanying me. I enjoyed my time in Los Negrales. I hope i can come back to Spain and you can acompany me again. When you go to the Philippines, i will cook for you :))

And as for me, it's time to sleep :)

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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