Day 59: Back to El Rastro

I love breakfast today!! Ofcourse we have the ever present galletas

.... And the buttercakes are back!!!

And a cold glass of "leche" (milk)

This morning we all went to El Rastro. Together :) Mamá Eva, Irina, Alana, Mara and me :)

We all went because Mara will be going to Salamanca this afternoon, and Alana won't be with us anymore next sunday. As i have mentioned before, El Rastro is a sunday market.

Apparently, everytime Mara is here, they all go to El Rastro to buy sunglasses to add to her collection

Some of the sunglasses reminded me of home becauae of the brand
"Rey Ben"

They have some of the coolest sunglasses

Haha! There's so much people today because of the foreigners that flocked in for the Orgullo Gay festival.

We even almost lost Mara :)

Alana and i staye behind when they all left to bring Mara to the train station. Alana had to buy a bag to replace hers because her books ripped her bag.

I bought A watch bracelet for my sister :)

We decided to go back home because it was hot as an oven.

I changed my bed sheets and pillow cases today. Yey!!

And then i studied the whole day until dinner and Mamá Eva served us quesadillas which was so good i had to ask for a little more

Well, that's about everything interesting that happened today :) not much actually, coz i had to make time for studying :p

So Buenas Noches Madrid!!

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