Day 60: El Circulo de Bellas Artes

Today is the start of my afternoon class week. Yes i now have classes in the afternoons. I don't like it much because when i had morning classes, i had the whole afternoon to do whatever i want. Now, i have to do stuff in the morning, then go to class, and then do whatever again... Plus it's siesta time...

This morning, Alana and i went to El Circulo de Bellas Artes. But there were no exhibits todat because they're closed on mondays but the terrace was open.

We went up the 7th floor and it was so hot but the view was phenomenal!

When i asked a store where the Circulo De Bellas Artes was, the guy said "mira, hay un edificio en frente y hay un soldado arriba mirando a la calle. Ya'sta!" (look, there's a building in front and there's a soldier above looking at the street, that's it!)

I thought it was a real soldier. Apparently not :) it's this guy behind me

Then i had my picture with the real guard :)

After that, Alana and i went to the oldest hotels in Spain i think. It's called the Palace Hotel. It's a 5 star hotel with a beautiful lobby

And then we decided to go back to San Bernardo to go to school. I honestly dislike the new schedule... But oh well. If the teacher is good, might as well stay in the afternoon class. Depending on the teacher, and my classmates.

But before we went to school, we ate lunch out first. We ate at a restaurant with a wonderful offer of an 2 dishes + a drink = 7€ only :) and it was a great bar/restaurant with very friendly people. Alana and i ate with Rina, a Russian studying B2 in
Don Quijote :) she was very nice
I ordered Arroz a la Cubana

... Then chicken curry

An ice cream!! :)

In class i had Carolina as my teacher for the firt half :)

... And Rocío for the 2nd half

Then my classmates:
Yahan and Chen Chen (Chao Liu is my classmate again but this time she's just in the bathroom :))

Helena (she was my classmate before, the Russian :)) Shaina (from Belgium) and Yulin

It's the first time a teacher was able to guess where i am from in less than 3 tries. Carolina eas able to guess in 2 :) but i was surprised she thought i was from Brazil at first.

After class i am so happy because Alana and i went to El Corte Ingles and i finally bought the tickets to the Juanes concert this 20th of July :)

I'm really really happy :) because i don't think he will be coming to the Philippines anytime soon and so it will be amazing to watch him here. I love it!

After that, Alana and i went to Retiro to take pictures of anything and everything. I think the majority of the pictures i took here are of kissing people :) but i used my dslr so i can't post right now because my laptop is busted. Great. >_<

Anyway, we decided to go home after because we lost track
Of time, and in the house we took dinner, the same burger steak thing that was really good, and then it's time to do the evening rituals, and

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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