China Shopping Part 2: H&M, G2000 and Bershka

¡Hola Mis Amores! Template change :) Blogger's been playing with my template and resetting it or something. I don't know. This template seems to be working for me so....anyway, today i will share part 2 of my HK and Macau shopping and this time, i will share the clothes and shoes i bought from H&M, Bershka and G2000 :)

Let's start with the items from H&M. The reason i was looking forward to shopping in HK and Macau was because in Manila there are no H&Ms nor Bershkas. But H&M is only in HK, none in Macau. I found these tops with white braided straps(i am no fashion guru therefore i do not know what kind of tops these are), which are perfect for the summer because of the lightweight fabric. And it only cost me HK$99 each :)
As you can see i am a fan of nautical stripes so i got this sleeveless top which i can wear casually with my jeans. Again, this shirt is HK$99 :)
This crochet vest boho style was one of my best finds :) but this one is a little bit pricey. HK$249
Another nautical stripe piece. I got this dress because the colors caught my eye again. HK$149
Next we have here a pair of wedged floral shoes. The wedge part is made out of cork so it's light. I was supposed to buy shoes like this from Bershka but they were soooo heavy... Unfortunately i lost the price tag but i know it was around HK$200
And last from H&M, sandals with pretty straps :) HK$149
Now in Bershka, i first stepped foot in a Bershka store back when i was in Madrid, Spain. And the clothes are actually cute. Specially this season, there were plenty. I saw this in the manequin and it was love at first sight. The first thing i noticed about this skirt is the print and so i rummaged through the skirts on display and found it! And they still had my size :) it's MOP79 (Macau Pataca)
I got these sleeveless collared shirts, because it's so hot in Manila right now. My problem with these is that the fabric can very easily be crumpled. They're MOP99 each
Next are the clothes from G2000. They had a 20% off sale if you get 2 of a kind. For example, 2 dresses, 2 tops, 2 skirts, etc. This one i got alone though. You can see through the fabric so you need either a bandeau or a spaghetti strapped top beneath it but i love these kinds of tops. I have a similar one i bought from forever 21 manila which i wear frequently. This piece cost MOP411
...but i did get 2 dresses :) i got this polka dot dress for MOP720 .....
And this coral dress (lighting made it look pink) you can get this for MOP699
The stuff in G2000 are pricey but in terms of quality, they're worth it :) I guess shopping is one thing that's hard to resist when you're in HK and Macau because there are so much shops to go to with affordable prices. Well, that's it for today's entry :) i never thought i'd miss blogging. It was a daily thing for me back in Madrid and now that i'm back, i'm enjoying, so to everybody who read, is reading and will be reading, i send all of you Mil Besos y Abrazos! (1 thousand kisses and hugs) <3 ciao!

Food Trip: Sakae Sushi - All You Can Eat Sushi

Hi everyone! I have been going on a food trip recently since we arrived home from Macau and since it was my Aunt's birthday last 15 May, we ate out with her.
We ate at this restaurant called Sakae Sushi which is a sushi bar or sushi restaurant with the conveyor belt

You still have a choice i you want to have the unlimited Sushi or a la carte. It'a actually very affordable

We chose the couch seats right beside the conveyor belt for convenience. Here's my aunt (the birthday girl) right beside sushi fest :)

So much sushi going around, it was so hard to choose.

If you noticed, the plates have different colors because for those who do not want the unlimited sushi, they can just take plates from the belt and each plate color has a corresponding price, so they'll just get the total after
And here's the corresponding price depending on the plate color

In our case, we had unlimited sushi so JUST GET AND GET! :)

My mum didn't want the unlimited sushi and just got Sukiyaki

I loooooooved the Kani Salad Sushi... And now begins the plate stacking part :)

Even Olivier our cousin had stacks beside him

This green thing, i have no idea what it's called but it was good at first. It tasted the the fish roe was dumpe in wasabi or something. It was spicy in a wasabi way, the type of "spicy" that comes out of your nose... But after about 3 pcs of this, it hurt my throat so i change my mind. I don't like it very much anymore :p

There are 4 branches in Manila:
SM Mall of Asia
SM City North Edsa
Robinsons Place Manila
And The Fort
The challenge for us whenever we eat here is to eat more than what we paid for or at least break even. Haha :)
My only problem with the sushi is that it has too much rice in it so you get full right away. But overall, i like this restaurant and would recommend it to people who love eating challenges :)
- Mil Besos y Abrazos! <3

Donut Bun Demo

I promised my friend, Miss Lovely ( that i would post a demo of the donut bun that was supposedly for short haired girls.
And it's going to turn into something like this:

Thank you to my very supportive sister for helping me take these photos :)

This is the donut bun maker:

It's made iut of nylon and mine velcro in it to keep the hair in place. It's HK$36 in Sasa :) According to the instructions at the back of the packaging, you're supposed to somehow wrap your hair around it like this:

But for long haired girls like me, it's impossible to do that. But I saw a lot of girls in HK and Macau sporting it differently. Somehow i figured out how they did it. My entry today will be photo heavy so please be patient as the photos load.
All you need aside from the donut bun maker are:
2 elastic hair ties (it doesn't matter what color because it won't be seen anyway)

Some bobby pins

And a comb

Are you ready? Let's start! :)
1) First you need to tie your hair into a ponytail, it's upto you how high you want your bun to be

2) Take your donut bun and put your ponytail through it

3) Push the bun until the base of your ponytail

4) spread the hair around the bun letting the hair "waterfall" around it

.... Until the front part, covering the whole bun

5) use another ponytail and place it on top of the waterfall making it hug the bun

6) Take the rest of the hair and gather it

7) Start twisting while wrapping it around the bun

8) Once you reach the end, secure with bobby pins, and i you see pieces sticking out, put some bobby pins as well

... And here's the finished product :)

Whew! Finished! I hope i was able to demonstrate it well, you can also substitute the twisted part with a braid and wrap it also around and even out a flower or a head scarf for accent.
Thanks for reading :) if you have any comments, suggestions, whatsoever, please feel free to leave uour message in the comment box below :)
- Mil Besos y Abrazos! <3

China Shopping Part 1: SASA and Duty Free Haul

Traveling entails shopping. For most girls, traveling is never complete without a little shopping. I mentioned in one of my previous posts, that i will put my hauls in a separate entry. I will start with the "non-clothing" haul from Sasa Macau and HK and Duty Free Philippines.

Sasa is like "beauty product haven". It's like Watsons with more types, and cheaper products. Every corner of Macau and HK, you will see a Sasa.
I reeeeally wanted to get this facial cleansing brush By Sasa, and I say BY because it's their product and they call it the "Sasatinnie Facial Cleansing Brush". I got it in HK for HK$35

It's a cleansing brush with little bristles made of rubber that feels gentle on the skin. It feels more like a massage than a scrub

I did have an alternative which I got for free before but it was difficult to grip. I love my sasatinnie because after putting facial foam, i lather with the brush and after rinsing, my skin feels nice :) it has a suction cup at the end so that it's easier to just stick on the bathroom mirror.
Next is this velcro thingie to keep your hair/fringe away from your face when cleansing, putting on make up, etc. That's its sole purpose so that your hair does not get in the way and this I got for HK$6 with 3 velcro things in it.

And here's how i use both of them :)

Next is this donut bun maker. At first it was difficult to understand how to use this specially because the instructions are in Chinese and I cannot read chinese characters. And apparently it's for short hair but in hk i saw a lot of girls wearing this and i figured out how to use this for long hair which i will demonstrate in another entry (again because this entry is already photo heavy)

Next is the small eye lash curler. I bought this because with the regular eyelash curler, there are eye lashes that are not curled. This one is small and curls by section or just the ones that the bigger curler misses.

Baby curler :)

Because i love cosplaying and sometimes just recreating "semi-dolly" looks that can be worn everyday, i bought these false lashes. They're the partial lashes you put on the corners just to enhance.

For cosmetics, because i saw great reviews about this concealer by Maybelline, It's the Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer which is not available in Manila so I bought it. It's a great liquid concealer that doesn't crease and looks natural.

And from Duty Free Philippines, because the things are cheaper there, i bought my Chanel Joues Contraste blush in 69 Fleur de Lotus there :)

It's a pretty peachy orange pink blush that looks great for summer

I also got the Espresso MAC eyeshadow as an addition to my MAC pallette. If you buy it in the regular stores here in manila it costs around US$21 but in duty free it's only around US$16

Lastly, i decided to get an extra Laneige Waterbank Gel Cream because my old jar is almost empty and it's cheaper by US$6

Yeeeeees, i know i bought quite a lot. But i don't go to HK and Macau very often, and it's waaay cheaper there, so might as well take advantage of the opportunity :)
I'll be posting the donut bun demo and my clothing haul soon :) thanks for reading!
- Besos y Abrazos! :)


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