Food Trip: VFW Post 2485 Canteen, Clark Freeport Zone

Hola Chicos! I've fallen in love with one of the restaurants here in the Philippines which serves great traditional American Food which is the Veterans of the Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 2485, at the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines :) Yes, A mouthful. But their food is not only delicious, but also affordable with big servings (for us Filipinos yes the servings are big haha) (prices of what we ordered are listed below)

Clark Freeport Zone used to be home to American Soldiers before the Mt. Pinatubo Explosion in 1991 which devastated this Former US Air Base. Now, this zone is where the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport is, as well as the Air Force City of the Philippine Air Force.

The first time I visited this restaurant was with my family during the Holy Week or the Semana Santa (yes like in Spanish ^-^) We came here with family friends and we were placed in a separate function room because there more than 20 of us. This function room of theirs had a small library you can borrow books from. But last week, my husband and I decided to eat there with our friend Joel :)

 Here's Joel being asked for his order :)

 Joel ordered the Salisbury Steak. Lean Ground Meat served with Condensed Mushroom Sauce. It was also served with rice and coleslaw. 
 According to Joel, it was pretty good only if he had not forgotten to ask the lady to put the gravy on the side. He's not the gravy type of guy unless he's in Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) where he wants his chicken literally swimming and floating in Gravy.

As for my husband Lee Van, he ordered Roast Beef served with Mashed Potato and Coleslaw and a huge Dinner Roll
 I'm a spaghetti/pasta person so I ordered this traditional Spaghetti and Meat Sauce served with Garlic Bread (I ordered this one only because I'll be sharing with Lee Van and Joel anyway so we can all try what we all ordered)
I actually like this place because, firstly, it is very accessible. It's only about an hour travel time through the North Luzon Express Way (NLEX) and the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). It is just a little difficult to visit because of its location which is out of the way and you really have to find it. But I consider it one of Clark's hidden treasures. They don't just serve steaks and spaghetti. The list under their Breakfast Menu are great too.  I only have one comment and it's about their lighting. At night, the lights are a little too dim for my taste....the food more than made up for their poor lighting. 

For the prices:

Salisbury Steak - PhP 225.00
Roast Beef - PhP 290.00
Spaghetti and Meat Sauce - PhP 235.00

Veterans of the Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 2485
381 Santol Road (Corner Santol Rd. and Pinatubo St.,)
Clarkview Subdivision, Angeles City, Philippines
Telephone: +63 45 8927147
Open to the public from 07:00 to 21:00 daily.

You can check out their website which is http://www.vfwpost2485 

I would like to apologize for the poor quality of pictures today. I only used my old point and shoot Canon Ixus Camera (Trust me, it's old...) and we came late in the evening (almost closing time) so pictures turned out noisy and grainy. But I hoped you enjoyed today's entry :)

- Hasta Luego y Mil Besos y Abrazos! <3

Honeymoon: Boracay

I was never really able to write about this because of the SD card was of course inserted in the camera and the camera was borrowed, blah blah. Now I can finally share to you the accidental trip we had for our honeymoon

Why accidental? Because we were supposed to go to Bohol after our wedding but we decided not to because we were not really prepared. We only had airline tickets, no reservation for accommodations, whatsoever. So we got lazy and instead booked a flight to Boracay since my husband already went there with a few friends the year before.

It was my first time outside of our main Island of Luzon. To my non Filipino friends let me give you a brief background on the geography of my country. The Philippines is an archipelago divided into 3 main divisions. The largest and what we call the main island (because the capital is here and I live here too) is called Luzon. The second one and more island filled is called Visayas, and the third is called Mindanao

Image from Philfaqs

Boaracay is located in the tip of Panay Island, in Visayas and under the Aklan Provincial Authority.

Aside from the beautiful white sand beach, Boracay is known for it's night life which I will start with because that is when the place is very much alive and kicking. In the evening, a lot of "terrazas" or the tables outside the restaurant proper, are placed outside with seafood buffet, etc. Here's my husband picking out fresh seafoods to be cooked by the restaurant cook


Grilled Seafood Night :) Though I must say that there are plenty of places to eat in when you're in Boracay. plenty is even an understatement. We chose this place because of the large lobsters which my husband really loves :)

A walk along the beach is in order after a heeeeeavy meal :) As you walk around you will see so many things like people making sand castles (although I heard that this is not allowed anymore)...

 ...and the famous Fire Dancers

Clubs are alive alive alive! With plenty of people partying the night away. We went to this place called Club Paraw. I'm not the type who goes out often to party so my husband took me bar/hopping just for the experience. We went a little earlier that's why there weren't much people yet.

 We had some finger foods like spicy cheese sticks and fish fillet (I think)

 A little later, more people came in

We stayed in this place called Nigi Nigi Too located in Station 1 of the Island just in front of the famous Grotto Landmark of the place.  We only had a 2 night accommodation at Nigi Nigi Too because they were fully booked. Aside from the sand (Station 1 is known for the powdery sand. As you move along towards Station 2 and 3 you will notice that the sand gets bigger and chunkier), The noise level here is not as great as in Station 2 and 3.

 Breakfast is included and it's amazing to eat breakfast with the view of the beach :)

 For our 3rd night we stayed at the Blue Lily which is also in Station 1 and only walking distance from Nigi Nigi Too. It was a Room only accommodation with a view of the beach from the door as you can see in this picture.

Although breakfast is not included, the view was amazing. This room is actually quite affordable for a hotel in Station 1. Most of the hotels in this area cost PhP6,000 above or $140 overnight. But the Blue Lily only costs PhP3,000 or roughly $70. If you want cheaper, there are cheaper hotels/rooms in Station 2 and 3.

 This is the Grotto landmark I mentioned earlier...

 There are so much activities to engage in in Boracay like snorkeling, helmet diving, parasailing, banana boat, etc. We just wanted a simple, relaxing and quiet activity so we went for just a ride on the sail boat. This cost around PhP1,000 or $23 depending on your negotiation skills.Meet Frankie Baby :)

 We made a stop somewhere in the deeper parts so we could go snorkeling and just take underwater pictures :)

 We did this activity at around 17:00 when the sun was not very high up and not painful on the skin. And of course, what a better way to watch the beautiful sunset than to watch it with a loved one on a sail boat :)

Depending on the season or time you go to Boracay, prices go higher or lower, and let's not forget the volume of people. Boracay is one of the top places to visit here in the Philippines therefore during the summer, from March-June (specially because it's the summer vacation for the kids), there are just so many people. We came here on November so there weren't as much people as I expected but still many. But It's a beautiful place and you really shouldn't miss it :)

Hope you enjoyed my entry for today :) It took me forever to write about this haha. Anyway it's only an idea of what to expect,3 in Boracay.
So, till my next entry, Hasta Luego! Mil Besos y Abrazos! <3 (See you! A Thousand Kisses and Hugs!)

China Shopping Part 2: H&M, G2000 and Bershka

¡Hola Mis Amores! Template change :) Blogger's been playing with my template and resetting it or something. I don't know. This template seems to be working for me so....anyway, today i will share part 2 of my HK and Macau shopping and this time, i will share the clothes and shoes i bought from H&M, Bershka and G2000 :)

Let's start with the items from H&M. The reason i was looking forward to shopping in HK and Macau was because in Manila there are no H&Ms nor Bershkas. But H&M is only in HK, none in Macau. I found these tops with white braided straps(i am no fashion guru therefore i do not know what kind of tops these are), which are perfect for the summer because of the lightweight fabric. And it only cost me HK$99 each :)
As you can see i am a fan of nautical stripes so i got this sleeveless top which i can wear casually with my jeans. Again, this shirt is HK$99 :)
This crochet vest boho style was one of my best finds :) but this one is a little bit pricey. HK$249
Another nautical stripe piece. I got this dress because the colors caught my eye again. HK$149
Next we have here a pair of wedged floral shoes. The wedge part is made out of cork so it's light. I was supposed to buy shoes like this from Bershka but they were soooo heavy... Unfortunately i lost the price tag but i know it was around HK$200
And last from H&M, sandals with pretty straps :) HK$149
Now in Bershka, i first stepped foot in a Bershka store back when i was in Madrid, Spain. And the clothes are actually cute. Specially this season, there were plenty. I saw this in the manequin and it was love at first sight. The first thing i noticed about this skirt is the print and so i rummaged through the skirts on display and found it! And they still had my size :) it's MOP79 (Macau Pataca)
I got these sleeveless collared shirts, because it's so hot in Manila right now. My problem with these is that the fabric can very easily be crumpled. They're MOP99 each
Next are the clothes from G2000. They had a 20% off sale if you get 2 of a kind. For example, 2 dresses, 2 tops, 2 skirts, etc. This one i got alone though. You can see through the fabric so you need either a bandeau or a spaghetti strapped top beneath it but i love these kinds of tops. I have a similar one i bought from forever 21 manila which i wear frequently. This piece cost MOP411
...but i did get 2 dresses :) i got this polka dot dress for MOP720 .....
And this coral dress (lighting made it look pink) you can get this for MOP699
The stuff in G2000 are pricey but in terms of quality, they're worth it :) I guess shopping is one thing that's hard to resist when you're in HK and Macau because there are so much shops to go to with affordable prices. Well, that's it for today's entry :) i never thought i'd miss blogging. It was a daily thing for me back in Madrid and now that i'm back, i'm enjoying, so to everybody who read, is reading and will be reading, i send all of you Mil Besos y Abrazos! (1 thousand kisses and hugs) <3 ciao!

Food Trip: Sakae Sushi - All You Can Eat Sushi

Hi everyone! I have been going on a food trip recently since we arrived home from Macau and since it was my Aunt's birthday last 15 May, we ate out with her.
We ate at this restaurant called Sakae Sushi which is a sushi bar or sushi restaurant with the conveyor belt

You still have a choice i you want to have the unlimited Sushi or a la carte. It'a actually very affordable

We chose the couch seats right beside the conveyor belt for convenience. Here's my aunt (the birthday girl) right beside sushi fest :)

So much sushi going around, it was so hard to choose.

If you noticed, the plates have different colors because for those who do not want the unlimited sushi, they can just take plates from the belt and each plate color has a corresponding price, so they'll just get the total after
And here's the corresponding price depending on the plate color

In our case, we had unlimited sushi so JUST GET AND GET! :)

My mum didn't want the unlimited sushi and just got Sukiyaki

I loooooooved the Kani Salad Sushi... And now begins the plate stacking part :)

Even Olivier our cousin had stacks beside him

This green thing, i have no idea what it's called but it was good at first. It tasted the the fish roe was dumpe in wasabi or something. It was spicy in a wasabi way, the type of "spicy" that comes out of your nose... But after about 3 pcs of this, it hurt my throat so i change my mind. I don't like it very much anymore :p

There are 4 branches in Manila:
SM Mall of Asia
SM City North Edsa
Robinsons Place Manila
And The Fort
The challenge for us whenever we eat here is to eat more than what we paid for or at least break even. Haha :)
My only problem with the sushi is that it has too much rice in it so you get full right away. But overall, i like this restaurant and would recommend it to people who love eating challenges :)
- Mil Besos y Abrazos! <3


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