China Day 2: HK And Back

Picture of the Day: This really yummy Yam dumpling :) you'll see more of that later...

...aaaaand Day 2 of our trip, we woke up really early to catch the 9am ferry ride from Macau to Hong Kong. It was surprising for us to find out that female taxi drivers are very common here in Macau.. Oh and note that the driver is on the right side :) to my non Filipino friends, just like in Manila, we drive on the left side.

While waiting for our ferry, we ate club sandwhiches :)

Ferry ride time: roughly 1 hour :)

It's amazing how you're in 1 country with different types of money. Macau money and HK dollars :)

About 3 minutes before arriving in HK, this is what we see from the ferry window

Because our Aunti Lilian wants to shop for her grand daughters, our first stop was Uniqlo. Macau doesn't carry Uniqlo and H&M so we did our shopping here. But HK doesn't carry Bershka and Pull and Bear either.

Shopping monk behind me :)

Next stop... H&M... From this shot i always reminisce my time in Madrid where H&M is everywhere :)

We were often told that you cannot leave HK without trying out their best restaurants. So we went to this place called Din Tai Fung. It's in the building where H&M is near the Ferry terminal :)

The food and service are great! For appetizer we were given this spicy sea weed salad, that green leafy vegetable dish (upper right) and spicy cucumber?? Hm i'm not too sure but all i know is that, it's good :)

These dumplings have some kind of meat inside with soup in it so you have to eat it by picking it up with your chopsticks and placing it on your asian spoon then you bite the top off, slurp the soup and then using your chopsticks, pick it up and put it all in your mouth :)

This one is the fried rice with some pork...i don't know how to describe this... Strips?

Lastly, for dessert is the sweet yam in a dumpling :)

As usual i didn't put all the food we ate because there was just so much!!

After lunch we walked back to the ferry terminal to wait for the others who went bread shopping. Our trip back was at 16:00 and they came back 10 minutes before so we had to rush like in the movie Home Alone haha

Back at the terminal we looked for the shuttle bus back to our hotel. This is the nice thing about Macau. Shuttle buses are always availabl.

Back in Macau, here's a view of Galaxy during the day

Before going to dinner we freshened up in our rooms and after that we went monk watching in the garden. Upto now were still amazed by the monks here.

It's just fascinating to watch them watch and surroud a magician, taking pictures using iPads, tablets, iPhones, etc

Some even wanted their pictures taken with the magician :)

Ofcourse we had our picture taken with the magician :)

Remember the terracota boys from yesterday? Well, there were other kinds of "statues" like this:

And the warrior. This guy gave me a mini heart attack because after his picture with Ryan and my sister, he suddenly yelled and kneeled beside me haha

After our picture taking with the statues, we rode a shuttle bus to Venetian, the casino/mall that was Venice inspired, inside and out. I couln't get a picture of the exterior because the shuttle bus moved too quickly. Anyway here's a peek inside

Then we ate at the food court and we got food from Fat Burger which is one of the most recommended places to buy food from

After eating we went around some more and did a little shopping in Bershka, Stradivarius, and Pull and Bear

Take a look at the Great Hall of Venetian

After Venetian we went back to our hotel because we were so tired from all the walking and carrying of shopping bags haha!

Tomorrow will be another day of eating, shopping and sightseeing.

-Buenas Noches de China! :)

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