Food Trip: Cobo Part II and Kwek Kwek

Hola! I am back with Part II of my Cobo Bubble Tea and Snow Ice entry. If you haven't seen the first one you may click here. I am also including in today's entry, one of my favorite street foods, the "Kwek Kwek" :) 

Kwek Kwek is quail eggs dumped in some kind of batter and deep fried and looks like this.You'll see more of that later.
...and now back to the Cobo part. I was called by Ms. Shirley once again to do a stand upper. so before heading to the GMA Office, I stopped by Cobo to get something for the people in the office. 

I got this Sky's Special Bubble Burstea Drink which is yoghurt flavored. It was pretty good but I still prefer the Red Tea Lychee thing my mum ordered the other day. This one costs PhP80.00 or US$1.95 for the 16oz drink
and this Kiwi Kick drink for MS. Shirley because she told me once how much she loves Kiwi :)same price for this one, PhP80.00 or US$1.95
Here are the toppings they use for the drinks and the snow ice. I personally like the lychee bursting bubbles :) I ordered the Snow Ice, which is the flavored shaved ice, in strawberry, and lychee bursting bubbles for the toppings :) The solo size which is apparently good for 2 poeple costs PhP40.00 or US$0.95
I ordered their Taiwanese chicken that I reeeeeally really love. The taiwanese Chicken comes in different flavors. You can choose among
Salt and Pepper
Mexican Pepper and Salt
Curry Pepper and Salt
and Green Tea Pepper and Salt.

Do not be deceived by the picture. The Chicken is the one in the cardboard tray above and not the one in the styro. The one in the Styro was "sisig"
There was a hungry little girl in the office waiting so I gave the 3 more pieces left of the chicken
Yeah I know I forgot to take a picture of the chicken because it was really good. I only remembered not having taken the picture yet after seeing the box empty. silly me.. But if the chicken skin were a bit crispier, it would've been the award winning chicken for me.This cardboard tray carried 12-15 pieces of chicken..this costs PhP70.00 or  US$1.66
Ms. Shirley loved the Kiwi Kick! :) I tried it too and it was really good. It was even better than the Sky's High drink I ordered for myself.
After chow time, we did a little stand upper thing outside the GMA building
...and voice overs....
...and so with Ms. Shirley and her interviews with the sick patients asking for help...
...and then we were out again looking for food. This time, they wanted me to try something. They know how much I looooooove street food like Kwek Kwek (the one I mentioned above), so they brought me to their favorite place which was only a few meters from the building.
There were plenty of people who came to eat their snack here :) Here's the guy cooking the Kwek Kwek. You see the orange stuff in that rectangular container? That's the batter I mentioned earlier.
Here are the quail eggs that he dumps 1 by 1 in the batter and then he gives them a good frying, deep frying :)
and here's the finished product.... This is really really good with vinegar and chili. 

Ms. Leng and Ms. Maria ate something else. Ms. Leng ate Banana-cue or Fried Caramelized Banana on a stick, and for Ms. Maria she got corn :)

Ms. Shirley got Kwek Kwek too

You can pay before eating or you can pay after, you just have to tell them how many you got :) It was a treat from MS. Shirley so I wasn't exactly able to ask how much but it's really affordable, clean and good :) The location is just a canopy outside of a house so you're sure that the stuff is clean.

that's it for today's entry, hasta luego chicos!

- Mil Besos y Abrazos! :)

100th Post! 114th Philippine Independence Day

Hola a todo! :) 100th Post Baby! yeah! And because the Philippine Independece Day falls on the month of June, I shall dedicate my 100th post to my beloved country. 

The Philippines was a colony of Spain for 300 Years, and 30 years under the Americans and 3 years with the Japanese. 12 June 1898 is the official Independence of the Philippines from the Spaniards. When we were under the Americans they changed it to 04 July but it was changed back to 12 June. This year marks the 114th year of Freedom for us :) Despite the cranky weather, I went to the Quirino Grandstand, walking towards Luneta Park in Manila to see what went on in Manila
In Luneta park you will see the Rizal Monument which is still visited pretty often by foreign and local tourists.

 He usually has 2 guards standing by except during bad weathers where they stay in their little "hideout"
 The Independece day was celebrated in 3 places simultaneously. One in Kawit, Cavite where the first president, Emilio Aguinaldo's shrine and old home stands, and in Bulacan. Before, there used to be parades of the Armed Forces of the Philippines at the Quirino Grand Stand but now, they don't do that anymore which is a little sad. But they do have Static Displays of the different branches of service but I was only able to catch the booths of the Navy, and most specially, my buddies from the Naval Special Operations Group.

 I was able to take a picture of the tanks of the Philippine Army that were displayed though. 

These are the amphibious vehicles that the Philippine Navy uses for a lot of purposes including rescues missions in flooded areas.
 The weather finally started to cooperate and shining down on the monument of our first Philippine Hero, Lapu-Lapu
 This is called the Kalesa or the carriage pulled by a horse (obviously). You'll see lots of these in Intramuros, Manila
 This is one of the most typical mode of public transportation, the Jeepney
 This guy over here is the barker / unofficial traffic enforcer who halts cars for crossing pedestrians and halts jeepneys for people who need to ride :) 
 What I really wanted to see this day was the Silent Drill performance but they said it was still going to be in the afternoon and I only had the morning free. But I did see this little parade thing being assembled
 The Philippine National Police were very visible that day making sure that the day's event goes smoothly and hopefully crime free. Which made me feel safe lugging my large camera around.
 My favorite part of Parades and Precessions in the Philippines is the music. Whether it's by these xylophone players, or by singing nuns or lay people, that's the part I enjoy the most :)
I'm not so sure where these guys are associated with but they were front liner in the parade/

 As I walked some more, I realized that it wasn't the celebration that made the Luneta Park semi-packed with people but it was actually because of the Job Fair. This just shows that a lot of Filipinos  are still unemployed. But I guess this day is about the Filipinos so might as well help them :)
 The Philippine coast guard had a small booth there so as the others like the Metro Manila Developent Authority and the Department of Interior Local Government and The Philippine Boy Scouts were there too! :)
As I continued to explore the place for interesting things, this caught my eye as I very seldom see people playing the Philippine Instrument called the Kulintang, which is a native instrument played by the Maranaos and other tribes of the Philippines. They are made out of gongs placed side by side.

 It was nice to go people watching that day but compared to the Philippine Independence Day Celebrations here and by the Overseas Filipino Workers abroad, well, I guess to some, it's just going to be another one of those "hey there's no work today!" or "no classes!" kind of days. But I still thank our heroes for our freedom. Belated Happy Freedom Day! :)

- Mil Besos y Abrazos Chiquititos! 

Olongapo City Medical Mission

I'm sooooooo sorry for taking so long to write again. I had to finish a lot of things....but because I took more than a week's rest from writing, I was able to visit and see some places that I'll be writing about soon. Today I will take you with me to Olongapo City in Zambales, Philippines, where I covered a Medical Mission :) This is not your ordinary travel entry where I will feature hot spots. I will focus more on our activity which is the health mission coverage :)

Olongapo Land Mark: Ulo ng Gapo (Head of the Elder)

A brief history of the etymology of this place: Once upon a time, according to legend, there were tribes who lived in the area that fought each other constantly. Although, there was one wise elder who did not like what was happening and did everything he could so that there would be peace but of course there were people who didn't like what he did and so one day, the wise old man disappeared and a search party was launched to search for him. All they found was a headless body but they were pretty sure it was this elder's body. They searched for the head for many days until they gave up. But a certain boy promised himself that he would find the head and searched everywhere for it until one day he finally found it on top of a bamboo pole. He ran back shouting "Ulo nin Apo! Ulo nin Apo!" or in Tagalog we would say "Ulo ng Apo" which means "The head of the elder!" until it became "Olongapo" :) whew! hope you liked that story. The picture above shows the statue/bust of the "Ulo ng Apo" or "Head of the Elder"

Last February, SM, the biggest mall chain in the Philippines (something like El Corte Ingles in Spain), opened and this was their first Medical Mission for the people of Olongapo and other Neighboring areas).
It was a 1 1/2 - 2 hour drive there via the North Luzon Expressway or NLEX. Weather was not good because according to weather forecasts, there was a storm coming. The rain came and go but the sky was dark which was very conducive for sleeping especially during long trips. Here's our Audio Man sleeping all wrapped like a baby with glasses ;)
 I have been covering SM Foundation Medical Missions via the Public Service show on local television Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko, for 2 year already. This is not the first mission I covered, but this is the first Medical Mission I am writing about. When we arrived there, the Medical Mission already started. The volunteer doctors were already doing their free consultations
 Every medical mission for me is a learning experience because not only do I get to go to different places in my country, but I get to interact with people from different walks of life. I was not able to take a picture of a man I interviewed who came despite the weather, who came for a check up because he was feeling sharp pains in his chest. Also, our indigenous Aeta brothers and sisters who came from faraway areas neighboring Olongapo City who also came for the free health services.
 Our Camera Man started filming everything he can film including the people who were seated, waiting for their turn to be checked by the doctor, the eye check up, blood pressure and blood sugar test, and x-ray.
 A Picture with some of the Residents and Health Workers, our Director Ms. Shirley, and our SM Foundation Staff, Aunt Rorie :)

 From the location of the mission, you can see the Subic Yacht Club :)  You can already see, the sky was starting to act up. The rain poured with strong winds but eventually stopped.

 After the consultation from the doctor, a prescription was given and they can now claim the free medicines as prescribed.
 we were given free lunch (Volunteer and the crew)...breaded pork chop with gravy , and deep fried Chicken intestines and pork rinds or what we call the Chicharron for desert :)

Mr. Henry the X-ray Technician and the Mobile Clinic Driver. This is the mobile clinic they bring along with them to give free X-Ray and ECG :) 

After the medical mission we finished shooting our Intro and Extro spiels outside by the facade of SM City Olongapo ;) 

 I kept on screwing up my lines and i felt bad....but I am very thankful to Ms. Shirley and the crew for being very patient with me...

                   and they just goofed around with me a bit so that I can relax and remember my lines :)

 ...and finally a picture with 2 of my favorite crew. Mr. Wil the Audioman and Mr. Gardo the Camera Man :) They're very professional and very warm people that I enjoy their company when they're the ones assigned to join us during medical mission coverages :)

I have more pictures taken by Mr. Lito, photographer from Daylite Studios who came to cover the Medical Mission through Photos. We went there for the TV coverage, Mr. Lito went there for the photo coverage :) I am going to ask permission from him if I can use his pictures. I will post a more thorough medical mission entry soon :) thanks for reading!! :)


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