Food Trip: Cobo Bubble Tea and Snow Ice

Milk Tea, Frozen Yogurt, etc., These are some of the things that are very "in" with the youth nowadays here in Metro Manila. Specially during the scorching days of the Philippine Summer Heat, oh my goodness! There's nothing more refreshing than a trip to the Frozen Yoghurt shops and Milk Tea shops. So now let me introduce to you my favorite Milk Tea and other juices type of place ;) Welcome to Cobo Bubble Tea and Snow Ice! 
 They have counter tops with tall benches and seats with tables and there's wifi too! 
 ....but we prefered to bring home what we ordered because we were in a hurry. The service crew are very accommodating and service is quick :)
 I ordered my favorite 16oz Wintermelon Milk Tea for PhP 80 (US$1.9)
 My sister ordered a 16oz Sea Salt Green Tea (Which I think tastes like a more bitter version of Jasmine Tea so I don't like it but many do) PhP80 (US$1.9)
 My mum ordered this Red Tea Lychee Bursting Bubble Tea which is amazing! It had those bubble things below that when you bite on, the lychee juice bursts in your mouth and it's sooooo good. They have other flavors of this too :) The 16oz costs PhP80 too (US$1.9)
 My husband ordered the Cobo Milk Tea. This one, we were quite disappointed with, to think that it carried Cobo's name....It was just bitter milk..  or maybe because he asked for the sugar level lowered.... 16oz cost PhP70  (US$1.6), a little cheaper than the other drinks though :)
 My sister enjoying her Sea Salt Green Tea
 My mum, curious about the bursting bubbles :)
 These are the bursting bubbles  up close. They are white because they're lychee flavor.
Like other Milk Tea places here like Serenitea, they will ask you which sugar level you prefer, or the SWEET-O-METER:
Extra Mild - This one is really mild and I have a sweet tooth so the drink becomes a bit bitter and it's good for the people with high sugar levels.
Mild - This one's fine, you still get a bit of sweetness. This one is for the people going on a diet
Average - This is the standard and what I like best because this brings out the real taste of the drinks
Intense - I've never tried this. I guess I'm a sweet tooth but not THAT much haha.

What I have tried but will feature next time is their snow ice. It's flavored shaved ice and you get to choose a flavor of the bursting bubbles i mentioned earlier to put as toppings for your snow ice which also has different flavors :)

Cobo Bubble Tea and Snow Ice
#96 Scout Gandia St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Philippines
+63 02 7365621

They have other branches too:
- Recto Ave, Cor. Morayta (Beside Yellow Cab)
- Time Square Food Court, GF Pacific Star Building, Makati
- Time Square Food Court, Chinese General Hospital, Manila
- South Park Highs, Alabang-Zapte Road, Las Pinas
- J Center Mall, Upper Ground Floor, AS Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu

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  1. Lovely Tan says:
    June 19, 2012 at 2:56 AM

    your mom is soo cute!

  2. mintmochaformimi says:
    June 19, 2012 at 4:23 AM

    I'll show your comment to her achi :) thank you!

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