UNESCO Site and More in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

I've been wanting to visit Vigan specially the UNESCO heritage site, Calle Crisologo , for the longest time and I finally got my chance :)

From Manila it's probably about 8 hours travel time by bus. I came from San Fernando, La Union so it took about 3 hours. You can take a Partas Bus to Vigan from Manila or in my case, from La Union.

When I arrived in Vigan, it felt so different. For me it was like either being transported in time during the Spanish Colonization (except ofcourse nobody wore the traditional baro't saya anymore), or I was in a totally different place, definitely not the Philippines and then it just sunk into me that I am in the Philippines :)

In the bus station there are plenty of tricycle drivers lined up waiting for passengers. You can hire a tricycle driver for PhP150.00 or about $3.65 an hour to tour you around and even take your pictures :)

The first place I visited was the UNESCO heritage site, Calle Crisologo. Check out this instagram photo I took of the place :)

This place is considered a heritage site because of the preserved Spanish Colonial style structures, in asia... the cobble stones and ofcourse the Philippine Calesa (the horse carriage).

Maintenance was going on when i was there though. An eyesore but I just thought that the next time I visit, the place would look more beautiful already :)

My next stop was the Bantay Bell Tower of the Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Caridad, Saint Augustine Parish, Bantay, Ilocos Sur.

It was built in 1591-1592 and served as the bell and watch tower of the town.

There are 4 bells. Arranged by size from right to left. The smallest one is used for baptismals, the next is for weddings, the next for funerals and the last bell is used for warnings like storms, fire, etc.

This big one that the local tour guide is holding on to is the regular church bell.

From the tower you can see the view of Vigan and sone nearby mountains :)

After the Bantay Tower, my trike driver for the day brought me to the "Burnayan" or the pottery. The pots made here are the local clay pots they call the "Burnay". These earthenware are what they use to ferment our fish sauces, etc which makes it taste extra special.

My dad told me that when he was young, theybhad a big burnay at hone where they store their drinking water and it helped keep the water cool.

After making the burnay, they let it dry indoors for 10 days and then they bake it for a day in this large oven

After the Burnayan we went to the Hidden Garden.

If you're a nature and plant lover then this is the place for you. I just like admiring beautiful and unique lowers and taking photos of them. There a few animals here and there like this big lizard we call the "bayawak"

Our last stop was the Baluarte. The Baluarte is the famous zoo in Vigan. Although it's not your typical zoo with plenty of animals, there are animals walking around freely like the ostriches, llamas, camels and ducks.

They have 3 tigers inside but only one of them seem to like having her head scratched and her picture taken with her mouth open. Her name is Queenie :)

I didn't have the time to go to the other museums which gives me an excuse to go back to Vigan :) by the way, the places I featured today, they don't have admission fees. Only a small donation of even just PhP20.00 or about $0.50 will do.

Legazpi City, Albay

I've unintentionally neglected my blog because I was able to get into a new job which requires a lot of traveling but unfortunately I didn't get the chance to write again but now I'm back from outerspace!!

I was given a 5 day thing in the beautiful city of Legazpi! This is where the perfect cone shaped freakishly active but beautiful Volcano, Mount Mayon

I was lucky enough to be toured around my my foster brothers

Mayon Volcano is considered as the most active Volcano in the Philippines. The last recorded erruption was last December 2009. It is obviousy still active because yiu can see smoke coming out of the peak. I was there for 5 days and it only flashed its full form twice I think. It always hid under a blanket of clouds.

One of the most common places to visit is the Cagsawa ruins. It is a centuries old church top which was the only thing left of the Cagsawa Church. The 1814 eruption burried the church but the bell tower was left on the surface.

The Lignon hill is also a great place to visit when you're in Legazpi. You can walk from the entrance up the hill for fun and a bit of exercise, you can also take your vehicle up, or you can pay for the ATV tour of Mayon Volcano which was what Zac Efron did when he was here in the Philippines.

My friend Karla also took me to the Colonial Grill which serves the famous 'Sili Ice Cream' or 'Chilli' ice cream. It's spicy but cold so it's a weird but good ice cream :)

I will put in a separate post the other restaurants I was brought to :)

One of the best experiences I had was taking breakfast inside a nipa hut, by the beach :)

Well that's it for today, Hope you learned something about Legazpi :) ciao!


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