China Day 1: Ni Hao Macao

I'm back! Haha! But not in Spain though. I am now blogging my China (specifically Macau and Hong Kong) Trip this time. I haven't blogged for the longest time. I've actually been thinking of blogging about my travels, something like a "Gulliver's Travels" thing minus the growing and shrinking and other weird things :) i love traveling and this is my way of remembering the good memories, at the same time sharing it with family and friends and anybody who accidentally views my blog. Welcome aboard! :)

Let's start off with our flight to Macau via Philippine Airlines :)

Our trip this time is a family with family friends trip. 3 families all together :)

It was annoying to have to wait for delayed flights but it's a sign that tourism is growing that's why air traffic is now a fad here :p

My sister and I on our seat, waiting for taxi and take off :) (when electronics were still allowed to be switched on mind you!) and yes! Finally got my plumper cheeks back! :) i'm so happy :)

Lunch aboard... I don't know if the food was really good or i was just really hungry but anyway, i finished everything :)

Now saying hello to Chinese territory from our window :) Macau from what i have been seeing so far is a city of lights and what i would consider as the Las Vegas of Asia. There are casinos everywhere! But the nice thing about this place are the city lights at night. It somewhat reminds me of Disney Land without the rides and the mascots and parades... Just the lights :)

Here's a picture of a hotel pillar which i found very interesting.

One of the things i noticed upon arrival was the fact that almost all the street signs and signs in general were written in chinese characters WITH portuguese translation.

Our host here (our family friend who's celebrating his birthday here that's why we're all here) told us that Macau used to be Portuguese colony. If the Philippines was under Spain before, and Hong Kong under the British, Macau was under Portugal. If there were Spanish people left in the Philippines before, some Portuguese opted to stay in Macau too, that's why there are still signs written in Portuguese :)

We checked in at the Holiday Inn Macau which is by the way, an amaaaaazing hotel. One of the best Holiday Inns i've ever stayed in. In the lobby there were magicians, a big fountain and these human statues... Terracotta soldiers (spelling please? Hehe)

Aside from that huge garden, it's like Resorts World Manila only, there were more shops. The interior was great!

Here's an instagram photo of the "China" Girl there. A girl in a China costume

Ofcourse we wouldn't want to miss the chance of a picture with her too

And yes this is a kick-ass fountain that has different shapes and words. I'll try to upload the video

After going around our own hotel, we took a shuttle rosa bus to another hotel/casino/mall called Galaxy

It was huge! And there were plenty of shops and restaurants too. It's like Resorts World Manila x5 or something like that and upon entering, you see these wishing crystals that have different colored lights

...and this biiiiig fountain

We ate in this nice chinese restaurant with a european façade.

I'm not going to post everything we ate. I'm just going to post the favorites :) We had Peking Duck...

...and the flaming Shrimps which i just stared at because i'm allergic :p

And my inner paparazzi was again unleashed... It's my first time to see Bhuddist monks with very modern gadgets such as DSLRs and iPhones

After dinner, we went back to the hotel so we can rest because we will be leaving early tomorrow for HK. And here's a glimpse of our hotel room window view at night :) you can't really see the sign of the left most building but it says "City of Dreams" and ofcourse, Hyatt to the right :)

Well, that's about it for today :)

- Buenas Noches de China! :) yeah i'm keeping the "Buenas Noches" thing ;)

Location:Estr. Do Istmo,Co-Tai,Macau

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