Day 81: Hogar Dulce Hogar (Home Sweet Home)

I fell asleep for 2 hours and i decided to utilize the beautiful shower room of Qatar Airways.

Then after about 30 minutes, they called the passengers of my flight foe boarding. We all had to board a shuttle bus to be brought to our plane

Upon arriving inside the plane and after settling down, our orders were taken for our after take off meal. I was goven sushi for appetizer and i chose the spicy noodles with chicken breast with the amazing sauce :)
Unforunately i was out if my mind, i ate the sushi while waitin for my camera to load :) now all you can see is the bowl, the garnishing and some wasabi

Since i was a little girl (i did not grow much though), i've always loved apple juice in the plane and upto now ask for apple juice during plane rides. I don't normally drink apply juice in normal days.

Here's the noodle thing

And for dessert we have fresh fruits with unsweetened greek yoghurt. I don't like unsweetened though :p

With my headphones on for a portion of a movie before sleeping.

I did not finish it because i had to go i sleep. It's a 9 hour flight!!

And then i woke up just in time for breakfast. Unfortunately i was trying to conserve battery so i was not able to turn on the cam to take pictures of breakfast but it was a filipino breakfast that did not at all taste like one.

I was so happy when i felt the plane finally touch the ground.

When i got out of the plane i felt the humid heat of my country. HUMID! hahaha! But hey quess what? There's a storm :) what a way to welcome me

Baggage conveyor belt

Customs :)

And i was so surprised because from a far, i saw who my surprise fetcher was :)

I was really really very happy! :) he and my dad waited for me at the waiting area, and then my mum and sister were in the car :)
After that we all went to Resorts World Manila to eat at stackers :)

Mi hermanita :) she was so envious of my skin and hair color. My hair color became brown and my skin a bit darker because i was always under the sun in Madrid :)

I ate soooo much :) and to think i just ate breakfast in the plane. This is weird becauae i arrived in Manila at 16:40 and we just had breakfast. Hahahaha

After this my phone went dead and so i could not take pictures in the Chinese restaurant we went to after. Yes we ate again. Hahaha!

I was not even able to take pictures of the unpacking of my clothes but oh well.

Well, that's it, this is the last day of my adventure this year. I really did not expect my blog to reach 6,000 hits. I want to thank the people who visited my blog. You actually inspired me to move around Madrid and to learn more so that i can share my experience with all of you :) it was a good 81 days of Spain, my home away from home. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did even if it's only through my blog.

I also want to thank my teachers and friends in Spain who actually encouraged me to post in my blog, sometimes even reminding me to take a picture and sometimes they take the picture for me :)

Thank you all! Til my next adventure, this is Mimi a.k.a, Mimidora, Camille, Camila, Chiquitita, (and all the other names that were given to me), saying ¡HASTA LUEGO!!!!! Besos y abrazos! :)

When i have settled, i might post some of the pictures i took using my big camera as supplementary posts.

-- now it's time to say ¡Buenas Noches Madrid, España, Qatar and Filipinas! :)

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