Day 71: Sundown at Palacio Real and Exam Results

I'm really really nervous today because i don't know if i did well in my exam.

Anyway, for the morning, i played around to see how i can make my eyes a littlw bigger because i woke up with piggy bank slots and lookie! It worked! A little mascara an eyeliner and oof!

Well, o decided to visit the Museo Naval once again to buy a few souvenirs. I was supposed to visit the Muralla Arabe but the girl in the tourist office told me it's ugly and so i just went home to eat lunch and then i went to school.

I passed my exam!!! Gracias a Dios!!! But i am quite disappointed with the result. But anyway, what's important is i can go to B2!!!

After class i decided to go to el Palacio Real to fimd a spot wjere i can read and watch the sunset.

When i arrived it was too and i got hungry so i stopped by Burger King for onion rings :)

It was soooo hot but i found a spot by the fountain where there is shade.

2 Men sat beside me and 1 of them asked me if i can take a picture and i did and then we started talking. They thought i was from Japan. Hahaha! Then i found out tey were from Colombia :) we talked for a few minutes then they left. I continued reading

Then a couple sat beside me with one of the most adorable babies i have ever seen

After a while i stood up to walk around and i saw a couple kissing as usual

And the bubble man!!

I love Madrid!!! I walked around some more and i heard really soothing music until i saw a bunh of people surrounding this guy playing the harp and oof! He was really good :)

I spent a good 15 minutes listening to him play
And then i went to watch what i came to watch

On the way back to the metro i heard drum beats and a saw a crowd and wow! There was a guy playing the "drums" made out of pails, pots and pans :)

When i arrived home i was happy :) and then i ate the dinner Mamá Eva left for us and then i was really tired but i had to take a bath and it's time to sleep now

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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