Day 77: Grades and Book Hoarding

I woke up early today because i need to look for the LBC to be able to send some of my things home. I can't put them all in my luggage because i will have to pay for overweight fees.

I looked for the address online and the telephone number. I tried calling the number but it just ate up load because of the answering machine thing.

I looked for the Calle Fernando El Catolico but aparently LBC is not there anymore... So i used a public phone to try calling again and por fin! Someone answered and told me the REAL direction.

It's now in Calle Doctor Cirajas, 12, and you have to take metro line 5, the green one to Ciudad Lineal and then take the Salida (exit) Centro Commercial. Walk a little and turn right and that's it! haha

In metro Quevedo there's some kind of hi tech passenger guide on the platform. ¡Que Guai!!! (how cool!)

I passed 3 men today that all said the same thing to me "hola chinita guapa!"....(hello beautiful chinese girl)..... I'm not from China (-_-)#

And then i finally found the LBC and met Vicky and Tess. They explained to me the process of a "balikbayan box" or the really really huge box that i think 2 of me can fit inside. I'll just come back tomorrow to bring all my stuff because i still need to buy Sardines :)

I went back to eat lunch because i don't want to be paying for food i am not sure of. With Mamá Eva's cooking i am always sure it's good :)

I rushed to school because i might be a little late. During class, Carolina told me she had a little gift for me and then brought out my certificate :) instead of writing "principio de Avanzado B2 (Beginning if Advanced B2)" because i am only able to take 1 week of this level, she just wrote "Avanzado B2" because she feels that even without to the next chapters of the book, i can make it :)

i'm so happy. And my evaluation, almost all are 9's except for auditory skills which was a 10 :) those are the highest grades tey can give :)

i'm really happy and my family will be so proud

We had a laughing session with Carolina and Abel. I really hope i could stay longer but i can't.

After school i went to El Corte Ingles to buy a few more books and keyboards with Spanish characters, and ofcourse Sardines. My friend Ruben from the book section was not there so i just left a message since he does not have work fridays and saturdays and those are my last days in Madrid.

These are the books i bought today. The bigger ones were on sale.

The books and the 20 sardines and the keyboard were heavy!!!! But i managed :) i just wonder how i can bring these to LBC tomorrow. I don't feel like taking a taxi because taxi drivers here drive as if it's the last trip of their lives.
I finally saw "el niño con el pijama de rayos" (the boy in the striped pyjamas). I watched the movie and it was soooo sad

Now i habe to bring all of these home

I organized my stuff before sleepig and so,
-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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