Day 61: Templo de Debod and the Singing Guy with Mice

Alana and i decided to rest this morning instead of going to a museum or what not. I utilized my time to wash my clothes because i was running out of clean ones.... Unless i wear a sweater to school which would be really ridiculous because it's like an oven here right now.

Alana went to school earlier than i did because she had a culture class.

I went to school and yes i actually love my class.

After class, Alana and i walked to the Templo de Debod. It's some kind of temple with egyptian writing.

This is the temple :) we had no guide and there were no descritpions so i will just show you the pictures i took

After that we went to Sol to get frozen yoghurt

And for me, burger king and farggi ice cream!!!

Alana could not get over the face that i was eating a burger as big as my head

Oh and then we saw Jesus smoking

On the way back we saw a guy with a guitar with 2 mice on top and then he started singing

But we don't understand what the mice were for so we asked the guy and he said theybwere his pets and their names are Gizmo and Sasha.
Then i had my picture taken with him

After that on the way home, i accompanied Alana in a small restaurant near our place because she has to take dinner outside.

On the way home we passed the Ali Bar, the little Filipino videoke bar near our flat. And then there was a drunk Filipino guy who invited Alana in a rude manner in Spanish with a mix of Filipino and i answered him back in Filipino that we have somewhere to go to and he answered me back rudely in Filipino "i don't care. I'm talking to her". I really wanted to punch his face. I never expected to hate a Filipino here. I hate his guts and i really hope he swallows his cigarette and choke on it. He's so rude. I did not expect to be treated like that by a fellow Filipino. He does not deserve to be called Filipino. Yes he should stay in Spain for the rest of his miserable life and burn his guts because of all the drinking and smoking....

Haaaahhh!!! Finally able to get that out of my system. Muchas gracias! Odio personas como así. sin vergüenza (i hate people like that. Shameless)

Anyway, not to ruin my evening any further, i shall say

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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