Day 76: Juanes Concert and a Date with Maria Ozerova

I'm so excited because tonight is Juanes' concert. My admiration for him strted when i was in my 1st year in college. We had a Spanish teacher who played a Juanes song "La Camisa Negra" to which i instantly fell in love with and i followed his carreer from then on and i am just so lucky that we happen to be in Spain on the same season... And just a few days before my flight home!!!!

Anyway, this morning i went to The Quatar Airways office because it's really difficult to call them. The line is always on hold and i can't keep spending for telephone calls and it's better if i go there personally.

I went and she told me i did not have to reconfirm my flight. But still, it's better that i did to make sure everything is okay.
For lunch today we had morcilla with pimiento and lentejas soup :) oh and pita bread!!!

After lunch i went straight to school. We had to switch classrooms again because a group of american kids will use the classroom were using now.

After my class i met up with Maria Ozerova, my Russian best friend here in Spain :) we walked a little until we reached a little terraza with mist machines :) we stayed there and ate pizza and tinto de verano :)

And then she brought me to the nearest station so i can already go to the concert and it was ¡hasta luego! to my dear Maria

Finally reached Goya station and i looked for the Palacio de los Deportes because that's the concert venue. And there it is! The green one!

It's nice to see many other Juanes fans :) my seat was a bit difficult with my height and all so i moved near the aisle but it's not allowed but because i'm tint and i squeezed myself really near a seat, it looked like i had a seat there and the gurds never shooed me away :) hahahaha! Advantage of tiny people :)

I know the quality sucks. Haha but i had my slr with me that time and pictures there were great. I'll post them when i get back to Manila because my laptop right now has problems.

Oh the concert has ended :c i wish it didn't. I really enjoyed it.

I met a few Colombians because one of them asked me to take their picture and after that i offered to take a picture of them using my camera and then i jut gave my email address and that's it :) i me Carlos and Any and Any's brother but i only have a picture of me with Any and the Colombiam flag :)

And then we just added each other in facebook :) they were really nice :) i hope to continue talking to them even when i am back in The Philippines.

When i arrived home i prepared to go to bed and so

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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