Day 79: Date with Mamá Eva

Today is officially my last tour day in Madrid and so, my Mamá Eva decided to take me to the exposition at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza of the works of one of the nost important artists of Spain, Antonio Lopez. What's else is great about him is, HE'S STILL ALIVE! :)

This morning i savored my galletas because this is my 2nd to the last breakfast for this long trip


And then after taking a bath. We went to the metro station. It feels weird having to buy single journey ticket

When we arrived at the Thyssen, there was a line and the ticket they're selling is for the 14:30 batch. We arrived there around 11:30 To think that we came on a day where most madrileños are out because of the long weekend.

And so we decided to go out first and walk to the Barrio de las Letras. Apparently this place was a hangout of the old writers.
We also dropped by a church which is packed with people during the holy week.

After walking around some more, we saw a little taberna with a sign that says "Callos Madrileña". It is a typical dish in Spain with clean pig tripe :) yes the part of a pig's stomach

Mmmmm... Callos :)

Then this guy came and started talking to us. He's not freaky. He just wanted to start a conversation about the food because he never tried callos yet before but he's from Spain.

He wamted to try the callos so we gave him some and he gave us some of his food too and guess what it was? Rabo de Torro...bull's tail! :) ahahahahaha!

After that we had our foto taken outside this very antique place.

After eating we went back to the Thyssen and just sat under the shade because we had 1 hour more before we can go in.

Here's a sample of Antonio Lopez' sculpture. He not only does paintings, he's gifted with this type of art too

Entrance :) i had a discount because of my student card :)

Here's a sample of his paintingnof the Gran Vía. His work is soooo detaoled it looks loke a poster. Apparently what he does is, so as not to have different lightig, he went to the same place facing the same angle always on the same time

This is only the entrance. Fotos are not allowed and for once i followed :)

One more foto :) i'm really going to miss you Mamá Eva

After the museum we went home so that i can finish with my luggage. But i really wanted to bring home hortchata for my family so i went out for a while. I found the biscuits they featured in the news before "Filipinos" :) but i did not buy any.

When i arrived home, dinner was being prepared and it was pasta with tomatoes, carrots, onions, and some italian spicrs and it was a bit spicy but it was so delicious, it was a perfect parting gift :)

After dinner i had to continue with the packing of my luggages and that's it.

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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