China Shopping Part 2: H&M, G2000 and Bershka

¡Hola Mis Amores! Template change :) Blogger's been playing with my template and resetting it or something. I don't know. This template seems to be working for me so....anyway, today i will share part 2 of my HK and Macau shopping and this time, i will share the clothes and shoes i bought from H&M, Bershka and G2000 :)

Let's start with the items from H&M. The reason i was looking forward to shopping in HK and Macau was because in Manila there are no H&Ms nor Bershkas. But H&M is only in HK, none in Macau. I found these tops with white braided straps(i am no fashion guru therefore i do not know what kind of tops these are), which are perfect for the summer because of the lightweight fabric. And it only cost me HK$99 each :)
As you can see i am a fan of nautical stripes so i got this sleeveless top which i can wear casually with my jeans. Again, this shirt is HK$99 :)
This crochet vest boho style was one of my best finds :) but this one is a little bit pricey. HK$249
Another nautical stripe piece. I got this dress because the colors caught my eye again. HK$149
Next we have here a pair of wedged floral shoes. The wedge part is made out of cork so it's light. I was supposed to buy shoes like this from Bershka but they were soooo heavy... Unfortunately i lost the price tag but i know it was around HK$200
And last from H&M, sandals with pretty straps :) HK$149
Now in Bershka, i first stepped foot in a Bershka store back when i was in Madrid, Spain. And the clothes are actually cute. Specially this season, there were plenty. I saw this in the manequin and it was love at first sight. The first thing i noticed about this skirt is the print and so i rummaged through the skirts on display and found it! And they still had my size :) it's MOP79 (Macau Pataca)
I got these sleeveless collared shirts, because it's so hot in Manila right now. My problem with these is that the fabric can very easily be crumpled. They're MOP99 each
Next are the clothes from G2000. They had a 20% off sale if you get 2 of a kind. For example, 2 dresses, 2 tops, 2 skirts, etc. This one i got alone though. You can see through the fabric so you need either a bandeau or a spaghetti strapped top beneath it but i love these kinds of tops. I have a similar one i bought from forever 21 manila which i wear frequently. This piece cost MOP411
...but i did get 2 dresses :) i got this polka dot dress for MOP720 .....
And this coral dress (lighting made it look pink) you can get this for MOP699
The stuff in G2000 are pricey but in terms of quality, they're worth it :) I guess shopping is one thing that's hard to resist when you're in HK and Macau because there are so much shops to go to with affordable prices. Well, that's it for today's entry :) i never thought i'd miss blogging. It was a daily thing for me back in Madrid and now that i'm back, i'm enjoying, so to everybody who read, is reading and will be reading, i send all of you Mil Besos y Abrazos! (1 thousand kisses and hugs) <3 ciao!

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