China Day 3: Downtown Macau and Exotic Foods

Picture of the Day hint: EXOTIC ��

Today it was a more relaxed morning. After breakfast we rode the taxi to downtown Macau or what they called "Old Macau". Why the term old? Because The Casino/Hotel/Mall (which i hall now call a CHM to make my life easier) area of Macau or the New side is reclaimed area and is actually still in progress. It's like the Las Vegas pf Asia and more of the CHMs are sprouting here and there and basically EVERYWHERE! The old Macau also has CHMs but the reclaimed area was made for expansion literally and figuratively.

From the Taxi on the bridge you can see the Grand Lisboa (note the Portuguese influence of the name), the Lotus shaped CHM.

The exact name of the place we were going to visit was "Senado" or "San Malo" or something like that. As soon as we arrived there we walked to the Chan Kong Kei Plaza de Pasto. It's a small place but the food was good!

And now starts the Exotic Food spree...
Now, the Goose Blood!

It's texture is like gelatin, but it tastes like... I can't describe it but it's not so bad and i wiuld eat it again. The taste is not very strong so it's easy to consume

Our host, Mr. Oscar also recommended that we try this Schweppes Cream Soda

Next exotic food we ate is the GOOSE TONGUE �� haha..

Not bad... But weird ;)

Though lunch is over, we thoight exotic food spree will end as well but apparently not. Wait til i get to the dinner part of this entry.

After lunch we went to another small place called Café Sang Lei

We drank authentic Nai Cha (Milk Tea). Not the cold ones we drink in Manila but rather, the real hot tea with milk

Remember what I said about Macau being a Portuguese colony before? Well you can still see it in the stuctures here in Old Macau. Here's a Catholic Church in the Plaza. The Sto Domingo Church :)

...and some other buildings :)

From the plaza we took a bus to Wynn, another CHM to watch the Dragon and Money Tree show

They show this every 30 minutes. It was too bad we werent able to see the large fountain show tht this place was famous for.
Here's the tree of posperity. It shows the tree changing colors showing 4 seasons and a natural tree color

After the tree show we sat at the cafe to eat ice cream

After ice cream we proceded to a restaurant in Downtown Macau for our host's birthday celebration . On the way i admired the beautiful city lights. This is a view of Grand Lisboa at night when the lights are all on :)

The taxi driver was a bit rude and i heard that they're nicer to the people who speak cantonese so remind me to learn this dialect next time before coming back here :p

We walked a little to the place

And here it is, the Casa de Pasto Yun Kei

Before i start with the exotic food for this evening, let me show you the chopstick tutorial written on the chopstick wrapper

And now a little briefing regarding the plates:
we have here 3 bowls, a plate and an asian soup spoon. The left most bowl is for rice, other solid foods and the one in the middle is for soup. The third one is a tea cup :) the plate is basically used for disposal of shrimp skin (do you call it skin?), chicken bones, etc.

To continue with our exitic foods, first on the menu was the Authentic Shark's Fin Soup. Someone told me this stuff is illegal but it was served so i don't know.

Next is fried spicy Frog Legs. This one is my favorite. Even in Manila I eat this :)

Next is the pig's intestines which we all thought at first was a suckling pig :) but i'm not very much a fan of this because of the strong smell.

Here's a picture of my sister and the fried chicken head

After dinner we all went our separate ways and went back to our hotel. Now it's time to retire for the night :)

- Buenas Noches de China! :)

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