China Day 4: Venetian and City of Dreams

Pic of the Day: Strolling Down San Luca District :)

Please note that we go shopping also but i would like to put our hauls in a separate post because these day to day thing are already photo and text heavy as it is :)

Today was a relaxed day, we did not have to wake up so early but our "chieftains" decided to take us to the City of Dreams to watch the Dragon's Treasure Show. Apparently it's a dome show with the whole dome filled with animated graphics... It's like being transported inside the TV or something like that.

We ate breakfast at McDonald's and i had hot chocolate....

And the Sausage McMuffin :)

After breakfast we took a shuttle bus to the City of Dreams

As soon as you enter, the first thing you'll see is this large screen that has water falling on it's surface for an underwater effect because on the screen is a projection of mermaids swimming and other sea creatures. It's so surreal. Here's my sister and a mermaid behind her :)

My mum trying to touch it :)

...and now inside the Dragon's Treasure Show

The story...well there's no story. But it just showed different worlds with different guardian dragons but the graphics were out of this world!! It's not like Universal Studios 4D thing where you have to ride something. You just stand inside the dome and watch around you

It costs MOP$50 but it's really worth it.

After the show, my sister and i just felt like playing around :)

Eating in the City of Dreams is no problem at all. You just have to go to the 2nd floor and visit Food Paradise

Food Paradise is like a food court with a twist. You first have to go around and look at the names of the concessionaires and choose the what you want and list down the code. After that, go to the cashier, give your list or tell them (if you can speak chinese), pay then they give you this piece of paper with the food you want and then go back to the stalls/areas you wanted to get food from, show them the paper and then you're good. It's either they tell you to wait a few minutes or they give it to you right away then they cross out the item on your paper.

As for me i ordered Hainanese chicken which i shared with my sister

If you've ever wondered phat the Macau money looks like, here's a sample of 1 Macau Pataca

The older folks with us decided to separate from us and let us go wherever we wanted so Ryan, Reine and I decided to take a shuttle to The Venetian.

We walked around and checked out the Gondolas which we weren't able to see the evening we visited the Venetian.

Reine and Ryan on the bridge :)

...watching the Gondola from the bridge

And because Venetian is such a beautifil place, we can't leave without taking pictures

Welcome to the Great Hall :)

Later a magician duo performed near the great hall and even asked me to participate at the last part :)

YouTube Video

After this we met up with our families at the Venetian good court and ate Fat Burger :) then we just had our picture taken with the statue people in Sands Hotel who happen to mostly be Filipino and then we retired for the night :) let me close this entry with those pictures.

- Buenas Noches de China! :)

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    May 11, 2012 at 10:05 AM

    I'm enjoying your stories very much, i hope to visit spain and china like you. Thank you for sharing

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