Day 50: Real Madrid Stadium - Santiago Bernabeu

So yesterday, it was the last day for sightseeing for my dear Italian friends Greta and Lidia. Although Greta is the only one from my class, i became close to Lidia too because they are a package deal :)

This morning started off great because despite not being able to sleep right away last night, i woke up with so much ease I really had to pray for thanksgiving.

In school, there were only 3 of us for the morning class. Greta, David and Me. 3 people from different parts of the world. Italy, France and Philippines. I am starting to like Marisa. She has eased up and she's more approachable now.

It was Greta and Lidia's last day so after class I brought them to Cafe Moderna again but this time we ate inside. we forgot to take pictures because we were laughing like crazy. Well, being Italians, they are very particular with Pizza and so I was a bit nervous if they will like the Pizza or not but they did and I am so happy. Ofcourse there is still nothing like pizza from Italy but according to them this is one of the most delicious non-italian pizza. Here's the best part...WE DIDN'T PAY FOR ANYTHING! The chef if you can still remember was the Filipino and our food today was on the house although we we're arguing for 20 minutes because we did not want to leave without paying and well, the little debate ended with "It's our buen viaje (good voyage) gift for the Italians", and that was the end of it. I really want to thank Virgel (Filipino Chef) and Rodrigo (The waiter) for accommodating us.

After that, they invited me to go to the Real Madrid Stadium. I remember my sister Reine wanted to go to this stadium so much but told me to go for her instead. And I did. and I am glad that when my whole family was here, we did not go to the stadium. the price of the ticket to get in is 16 Euros...weeeeew! And I don't think my dad would like that nor my mum because they're not futbol fans. I just became a futbol fan when I stayed here in Madrid because I am surrounded by futbol afficionados and you just can't help but sympathize. I actually do have a favorite player, Fernando Gago (To my Filipino friends, yes that's his family name. I know, i know it's funny :p)
Here's a picture of the 3 of us at the panoramic view of the stadium:
And here are some of the really old uniforms of players from the time of...I don't know, I don't even think I am already a part of my parents' plans....I don't think they've met either..

Yes I just had to take a vain pic :)
Here's Greta with the big trophy that does not look anything like a trophy
...and Lidia :)
And ofcourse, myself. hahahaha
Woohoo!!! Champions of the Copa del Rey (King's Cup)
I took a picture of this solely because there's one Filipino included in this list :)

more trophy looking tophies...
Yehey! Against the light shot of us by mid section of the stadium
And now we have a photo that is not against the light, but Greta's eyes are closed :p
Here are the VIP seats. We were imagining that when David Beckham was still playing with Real Madrid, Victoria probably sat somewhere there.

We have now reached the lowest part, really really near the in we can touch it already because we're so near, but ofcourse we can't touch the grass :)

And finally we reached the dressing room of the players :) Here's the massage area...
The lockers :) Yes I had to have my picture taken sitting on the bench
Some mexican guys offered to take our picture but HEY DUDE! CAN YOU PLEASE COUNT?? Mira! No estoy lista en la foto! (Look, i'm not ready in the foto) hahahaha! I'm a proud dork :)
Well, that's about it, when we got to the metro, I accompanied the girls in the metro until Plaza del Castilla and that's where we all parted ways. I'm gonna miss them. They made this week fun for me :) Well I guess it's also because they were trying to make the most out of the 1 week they had here in Madrid and so they had to do everything that they can do this week and I am honored and glad that they invited me to join them in some activities (some because I could not join them last thursday during the holiday. I already went to the places they went to).

I arrived home and Mama Eva prepared a very very good Italian meal for the 2 of us because she just came from Rome and brought home spices and other things for cooking from Rome. She also served beer which explains why I talked a lot. but it's good because I'm hear to learn how to speak their language and it's good that the beer stimulated my brain to think faster and speak faster too :)

Well, that was all the good stuff

, I enjoyed my day with Greta and Lidia, and the food at Cafe Moderna and Santiago Bernabeu and ofcourse! Mama Eva's cooking. My super bad day with my classmate is nothing compared to everything else :)

Well, I'm really tired so I have to say good night now.

Buenas Noches Madrid! :)

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    June 25, 2011 at 11:31 AM

    love your dress, Mimi! And glad to konow you´re ahving a great time in Madrid! Keep it up! - Ms. Peroja

  2. mintmochaformimi says:
    May 13, 2012 at 1:30 PM

    Ms Peroja thank you very much! :€

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