Day 46: Day of Chores

Today, Mama Eva left for Rome and so it's just going to be me, and Irina this evening with Nicolas :)

No Mama Eva today to prepare breakfast so i did it on my own.

I woke up pretty late today so i had little time to prepare. But anyway, i went to school and hey! We were merged with another class :) well there's just 2 of them. Celestine from Niger and Elena from Russia :) Bianca is back as well from vacation. And Chao reappeared too!!! And in the middle of class, a new girl came in, Greta from italy :) she's very nice:)
L-R: Greta, Elena and Celestine

I'm glad i read ahead at home because it was easier to understand the lessons and the class went pretty fast today too.

After class i had a little bit o a chat with Celestine and he was really nice too. We talked a little about his country, and that Nigeria and Niger are different but they are alongside each other. Apparently One of them is english speaking and the other is french speaking. He also wondered why i speak english very well and spanish pretty well and so i ha to tell him the 300-30-3 thing. 300 years with the Spaniards, 30 with the Americans and 3 with the Japanese :)

Anyway, i went straight home and instead of going today i stayed home to:
1) prepare meals
2) wash dishes
3) wash my clothes
4) study

I made my lunch today. I realized rht the tuna today was tuna in brine and not tuna in vegetable oil so for it to not be so plain, i added carrots,

mayonnaise, sugar, onions and black pepper, and BAM! i have tuna spread

I added 1 cherry tomato sliced into 4

Then i washed dishes:

And then i washed some of my clothes :) i organized my previous entry about the bullfight. I had to make that properly so while i left my laundry swimming in fabric conditioner i wrote that :) haha!

Then evening came and Irina arried home with Nicolas and we all ate dinner :) i made them try my tuna thing with skyflakes :) hahaha!!

But before Irina arrived home i already prepared dinner because i am pretty sure she's tired. There was a bit of a problem with the transportation line so she arrived home late but at least dinner was ready And she did not have to worry much :) except that i did not know nicolas was coming so i was not able to prepare a meal for him so Irina still had to prepare for him

After dinner, Irina helped me with my homework :) i'm glad she did because it was about expressions. Some have absolutely no connection with the literal meaning, and she also pointed out to me which expressions the Spanish still use ;) i love her!!!!!!!! Thanks Irina!

Then i prepared for bed, as usual, i'll make up for the lost "outside" time tomorrow :)

Buenas Noches Madrid!

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